Decide to be Happy and in Love – 19 Dec 09


Today one of our friends who is staying here said that on the way back from Mathura he suddenly felt so happy, from the inside and just feeling that everything is great. We talked a bit about this experience and I said that you actually have the ability to make this decision every second.

You can decide yourself if you want to be happy or sad. You don’t even need to have a reason for any of these emotions. You are the one who decides to be angry, to be annoyed or to be sad. Some people decide to be in hate. But it is always you.

Unfortunately I see especially in the west very often that people make the situation responsible or another person. Then you did everything great and from your side everything was fine but because of someone else you are now angry. No, you took this decision yourself! Take your decision to be happy. It is also you who will have the profit of it. If you are annoyed, sad or angry even if there is not any reason, you need to realize that it is you who will suffer from it.

Others might not be happy that you are not happy but in the end it is you who has to be in this feeling. Don’t let it become a habit to decide for being unhappy. Let it be a habit to decide for happiness, for laughter and for love!

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  1. Cool photo!
    I have a dear friend who is very spiritual. She taught me about “pumping your joy” or “pumping your love.”

    You envision and feel love and joy in your heart. Let it gather into a bright light and really feel those feelings inside. Then imagine that your heart is pumping tiny little lights of joy and love throughout your circulatory system. Watch the little love lights travel all the way through your system with joy until you are filled with loving energy. It really helps when you believe in it!