Experiences, Senses, Feelings and just Love – 20 Jan 10


When writing yesterday’s diary entry I realized once again how different people’s perception can be. One kind of noise, especially when it is regular and for longer time like a ticking or humming, can be soothing for one person but very annoying for another one. One kind of smell can make one person’s mouth water while the other one cannot stand it for more than a minute. How diverse our perception is!

Of course it is connected with our emotions: when there is a smell which was there on a beautiful romantic evening, you remember this feeling and you feel good. We were talking today about it how different each person’s feelings, senses and perception are. And in how many different ways you can express even one feeling. How different do people describe when they find something funny or good. And how many different descriptions you can get for the feeling of love.

I would like to invite you all to write to me with YOUR definition, your way of expressing the feeling of love. How do you feel in a moment of love? How is your feeling when your loved one looks into your eyes? What do you feel when your loved one smiles at you and says ‘I love you’? Or is it another sentence for you that triggers this? An action, a situation? I would like to collect as many different ways of experiencing love as possible and share it with each other.

So just write your thoughts down and send them to [email protected], we will collect them and when we will have a nice collection I will present them in my diary so we all can share this loving feeling.

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2 Replies to “Experiences, Senses, Feelings and just Love – 20 Jan 10”

  1. When I am in a moment with love i feel like there is a humming in the back of my ears and all of the colors change and the lights shift and objects stop looking so seperate from each. I cansuddenly smell more deeply and hear clearly. it is almost an out of body experience and I havent had it many times.

  2. When I experience love, I feel my heart bursting with energy. I feel warm and giggly. I want to reach out and hug others! Hold them. And laugh. It brings me smiles and even tears of joy.

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