Basic Need for Security, Closeness and Love – 8 Jan 10


It is always interesting to think about the deep wishes that everyone has inside themselves, those which you may not even be consciously aware of but which are always there and influence all your actions.

It is not about the sports-car that you want to buy next year, not about the house that you want to build in five years. It is about the wish to have security which drives the wish to have a house. It is about the wish to be seen and be important which drives the wish to have the sports-car.

And yes, of course some of you might say that it is pathetic male thinking to believe that your sports-car makes you important, but women do the same thing just in a different way. Men could say at this point that women have this wish to be seen much more than men.

There are more wishes inside you which go further than outer appearance. Some are just our basic needs: the need for something to eat, warmth, the need for light and fresh air and then of course the need for closeness, security and love. These form many of our wishes even if we are not aware of this. This, too, is our nature and why would you try to hide or change this? Just be natural, be you!

2 Replies to “Basic Need for Security, Closeness and Love – 8 Jan 10”

  1. Aside from basic physical needs (food, water, shelter), I think that most emotional needs stem from the need for love. If we were fulfilled with unconditional love, would we really need fancy clothes? Would we need sports cars? Would we need to weigh a certain amount?
    Just listen to the Beatles… All you need is love. 🙂