Travel in Time with your Emotions – 11 Jul 10


We visited Ramona’s father yesterday and stayed there over night. When we arrived in Augsburg at the station, where we have not been for a long time, Ramona said to me how nice it was to be there again. It is the next bigger town to the village where she grew up. We were welcomed by her father and his partner and then met with her cousin and aunt, too. We had a beautiful day.

Today in the morning she made a discovery of old and half-forgotten things in her old room. She found old books, games and also paintings that she had made when she was in kindergarten and primary school. It was beautiful to see how happy she was in her memories. I can very well imagine this feeling when you take this paper in your hand and can forget everything that is going on now, just remember those days when you made it. You hold it in your hand and remember all feelings, the colours, the noise and people around you.

Emotions are in this way eternal. You just need a little trigger like these paintings were for Ramona and the whole world can change around you again. Maybe this is the only way that people can really travel in time – through their emotions.

We took a train to Bocholt around noon where we arrived a little bit tired but very happily thinking of a beautiful weekend. Ramona also took a few small things along that we could carry and said that we could show them to the children in India. They will play with them, read the books and see pictures and maybe someday, they will also remember their happiness and emotions of now and relive it all over again.

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  1. I come from a place that is cold for about half of the year, and i always find that when the weather gets warmer I Get more emotional flashbacks and waonderful memoreiews of all different places I’ve been. it is nice ot live today, but memories are also nice 🙂

  2. Revisiting old places… it can be so strange. your brain pulls up old scenes and it’s almost like they are playing behind your eyes as you look.

  3. Memories are very powerful. They can be positive, negative, or in between. They can be triggered by smells, sounds, sights, and feelings. Sometimes I like to reminisce in joyous memories from the past. But then I wonder… many spiritual teachings say that we should always live in the present moment because the past and future are not real. Though I understand the value in living presently, sometimes I like to remember the past! I wonder how these two can be at balance…

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