Jealousy - a Childish Emotion - 15 Mar 10

Today our friend Jennifer from the US arrived at the Ashram, too. When we have visitors like these days, it is always nice to see how open Suraj, Kanu and their smallest brother Chhotu are to people they don’t know. They are not at all shy but immediately approach them and you can see just how innocent children are. When I watched the kids today I saw how Suraj was sitting on Purnendu’s lap and the other two came and also wanted to sit. But they all wanted to sit alone on his lap, being jealous of the two others whenever they got the chance.

I thought a little bit about jealousy and I have to say that it is, too, just a natural emotion. However when an adult behaves in this way, it is childish. It is natural for adults, too, it is normal that this feeling comes up from time to time. If you feel jealous, allow it. If you struggle or fight with it, it will irritate you more. You can be jealous, but realize that it is not a grown-up emotion. So when you realize your feeling, accept it and let it go again. If there was a justified reason for it, express it. If it was not, express it to yourself and then let it go. There is no sense in being upset about the fact that you have this feeling. 

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  1. Susana Vieira

    jealousy is a natural emotion. the trouble is not the feeling of jealousy, which every person will feel some time in their life, but the acting out of jealousy. it can be tricky, it’s a strong emotion, but one we much learn to express and control, just like anger and even love. emotions, feelings, of themselves, are never right or wrong. actions based on those feelings can be.

  2. Emily

    Jealousy is a natural emotion: thank you for saying so, Swami! I have heard many people say that jealousy is unnatural; it is learned. But I think this is suppressing the natural tendency to feel it. We might be embarrassed that we are jealous of someone, but it doesn’t erase the feeling. It’s good to embrace the jealousy and, as an adult, think through why you feel that way. It could help you release that feeling instead of acting on it.

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