Changing Emotions with the Course of Time – 3 Apr 10


Yesterday I did the first healing session in the new way after all the changes. It was a woman from South Korea who lives in France at the border to Germany. It was a wonderful talk and she was able to share much with me which helped her to open up. It touched her heart and she could let it flow. She is now already looking forward to the next meeting. It is a nice feeling. She had some confusion on Ayurveda. Someone had told her about her chakras and that he knew it through Ayurveda. I told her that this is not right to mix these two. Ayurveda is a full science, people do university courses for becoming Ayurvedic doctors, it is about herbs, about spices, about the anatomy and functioning of your body but not about the energy of the chakras. She was surprised when I told her this and for me it just shows how much confusion there is here in the west about Indian philosophies and sciences.

Ramona and I talked about how happy we felt today and how life brings many different emotions, how we were sitting here already, on the same chairs, fully sad and crying. These were different times, today we are sitting here and laughing. We have so much joy and happiness in our hearts that we remember those times and get even happier that the sadness has passed. Life has shadow and light and you will see both, you cannot avoid it. But if you are in the shadow, always turn to the light and start walking there, you will reach soon.

Today Ramona’s father and his partner came to visit us here in Wiesbaden. It was a very nice visit and we all enjoyed very much to share a great breakfast and then some time with each other.

4 Replies to “Changing Emotions with the Course of Time – 3 Apr 10”

  1. the best part about sad times is realizing, after they are done, how temporary they were. When we are in the midst of sad times, if we’ve examined ourselves before we can say “this will pass soon.” And thinking that keeps a purity in the sadness that allows it to pass even more quickly.

  2. “Life has shadow and light and you will see both.” This is very true. Life is full of different emotions and we must embrace them all. The good thing about experiencing negative emotions is that we learn more about ourselves and about life from them. If we were always happy, we would never know how to grow or even what happiness is to be compared to! If happiness was all there was, it would just be blah.