Limited Words vs. Endless Love and Emotions – 13 Jul 10


Today we had a beautiful Darshan in the evening. Of course the topic of hiding and expressing was in my mind and I talked again about an open expression of your thoughts and your emotions. You need to be able to express what you feel.

You should express your love, too. Love is nothing to show off but it is still something to show to the one you love. It is not nice to show off love but it is nice if someone shows you his love. Isn’t it beautiful to say or be told ‘I love you’? This is the highest words that we humans have for expressing love but how much is really in these words? That is why I believe that words cannot really express emotions.

Even if you express your emotions, it can sometimes happen that the other one doesn’t understand you. You want to express what you feel in your heart and you put it into words however the other person understands a fully different thing.

I believe words cannot be enough to express your emotions. Words always have a limit, no matter in which language. There are languages with only some words and others with a lot of vocabulary for emotions but they will never be really able to express the full extent of your emotions.

Because words have limits. Love and Emotions are endless. What is in your heart is eternal.

At the end of the Darshan I openly expressed that I am hungry, will have some salad and then want to have some ice-cream. And just very spontaneously nearly everybody stayed, had some fruit, salad or food with us and then we went to have a great ice-cream from this wonderful ice-cream parlour in Bocholt.

3 Replies to “Limited Words vs. Endless Love and Emotions – 13 Jul 10”

  1. We are free and love can only grow in freedom. The existence is not good or bad, we have the freedom to do, what we want. Like a paintor starting a picture, looking to a white paper. When I create my life, then I create a lovefull “picture”, because it feels better. This is the only way to meet others and touch the mystry. It makes not sense, it is sense by itself.

  2. People should be loving. Have an attitude of love, you can tell when you come across people who have the capacity to love others. It is powerful.

  3. There is a saying that actions speak louder than words. And it’s true. Even if you tell someone that you love them… you could prove it or disprove it by the way you treat that person. So if you do love someone… show it in all ways, every day! Still say it too. 🙂

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