Being Emotional is nothing wrong! – 19 Jul 08


The distance healing meditation was again nice and I enjoyed being in touch with so many beautiful souls.

A 17-year-old girl came with a typical teenager problem today: She doesn’t understand her parents and her parents don’t understand her. And then she said she had another problem, she said she was too emotional, she cries very often. I told her what I think of this: It is wonderful to be an emotional person. I am emotional, too. It would be horrible not to be, that would mean to have a stone instead of a heart. Being cool might be popular in this artificial world but it is not at all good.

What is the definition of emotion? E stands for energy, so it is energy in motion. Emotion is also energy and if you have an emotion, I always say this, express it. And if tears come naturally, just let them flow. There is nothing wrong in that and nothing to be ashamed of. In the beginning, when we were talking, the girl cried a lot but during the healing session she was laughing. Let the emotions come and express them. Be natural!

It was the last day in Lithuania and we had a great dinner that Greg had prepared for us. Tomorrow we will fly back to Germany.

2 Replies to “Being Emotional is nothing wrong! – 19 Jul 08”

  1. Being emotional is great once you give yourself permission to feel. Often I too feel that I am too emotional, for some reason I feel that emotions mean i am doing something wrong and that I’m the only one who has them but this is not true. They are what help me enjoy life and love others!

  2. It is definitely very healthy and natural to feel emotions. We should appreciate them and learn from them.Though I do remember the highly emotional phase of being a teenager (a few years ago!). It’s a really difficult time because you are changing rapidly, trying to discover your inner truth and purpose, your hormones are high, and you’re surrounded by other kids on the same rollercoaster of emotion! It can be really challenging and certainly brings up lots of emotions. But it was very smart to tell the girl that she should feel and express her emotions…that’s how you get through it! I’d just like to send out love and compassion from my heart to the confused hearts of all the teenagers out there… it’s a rough patch, but you’ll make it out of there an amazing person!