Let Emotions and Love flow without Limits – 11 Jun 08


Today in the evening was Darshan and as we already had a few meditations in Schwabmünchen many people were here who had participated before, some of them even a few times. So I only told them in short how important it is to let the emotions flow.

I experience often how people give themselves limits. And these limits get very strong with the time because they train their mind on the limits. Even if they want to break through and search the way through these boundaries they sometimes cannot find it. In our material world it is sometimes necessary to have some limits. But love is without any limits. It breaks all barriers and is just like a spring or a river, flowing, you cannot stop it. Let your emotions flow in this way. I know that many people want to express their emotions but then they have their limits: How much of my emotions can I show? These limits are certainly also a result of education and growing up in this culture and society but I know that if you practice being open and honest, you can implement it into your life, dissolve the blockages and live your emotions without limits.

Today I found a connection again which was lost in the illusion of confusion of this world. Sometimes the mind can create an illusion in which true love cannot be seen. However love never dies and if you make an effort and don’t give importance to your ego you can see clear and find the love which was always there. So it is great to have this connection and we can let the love flow freely.

5 Replies to “Let Emotions and Love flow without Limits – 11 Jun 08”

  1. People do train limits on themselves. I often find myself scared of doing something, or hesitant to do something and feeling like I wont have the strength or skill, but then i do it and it’s no big deal. Its strange that we convince ourselves we are certain ways.

  2. Letting the emotions flow is very healthy! Think of emotions as water or energy. The more they flow in, the faster they will flow out. It is a temporary state of feeling that we must embrace as a chance to learn something. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings; be kind to them and let them flow. 🙂