Open the heart and let emotions flow freely – 7 Jan 08


This morning we arrived in Lausanne. Bertrand, my friend with whom we will stay for this week, picked us up at the train station and brought us home to his house. It is in a very small village in the hills 'behind' Lausanne. From there you have a wonderful view on the mountains around.

In the evening there was Darshan. We had a good atmosphere and I explained that Darshan is for opening the heart chakra. We have to dissolve the blockages there. If there are blockages, how can we give love? How can we receive love? We have to open our hearts. And in my Darshan I am giving the key for that: Let your feelings flow. It is so simple but it can be very difficult for some of you. We have been taught in this society to suppress our feelings. What kind of society is it when tears are considered as a weak point? I want to ask you to please let it flow! When you are sad, please cry. When you are happy, please laugh. Be proud of who you are and what your feelings are! Then you can let them flow and then you can open your heart to the love that is flowing between us all.

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  1. It is such a pity that so many people suppress their feelings. And why do they suppress them? Mostly because of fear. They don’t know which reaction from other people will come so they sometimes prefer to pretend that they are cold, instead of showing their feelings. Isn’t it worth to share his love and happiness?