You are the Hero of your Life – also without Supernatural Powers – 6 Dec 09


I have been talking much about healers and priests and psychics and gurus. And with all these people I feel that they have the urgent wish to be special. A great desire to have something that nobody else has.

Everyone knows the stories of superman and other heroes with great abilities that save the world. In every movie that you watch and every book that you read there will be one hero who is special. If it is an action movie, fantasy, a tragedy or even a romance a book or a movie needs these characters which have great powers, great feelings or great looks. Someone who makes the book worth reading because you hope that the hero turns up and saves everybody, that the perfect man comes and makes the woman’s life complete or that the tough woman walks in and shows to everyone how independent women can be.

Only with this a story keeps the reader’s attention. And I feel that people who tell that they have extraordinary abilities have the wish to be exactly this one character. They think in their life’s story, they have to be in this role. They don’t want to have the side role of just the normal person with good and bad feelings. Or, if they admit to be having bad feelings, then there is another reason for it, for example their extreme vulnerability which cannot be compared to anyone else.

You see, always something bigger, better, deeper, more extreme. Let me tell you one thing: no matter who you are and what you are doing, in the movie of your life you will always have the main role, you will be the hero. So please stop trying to be someone who you are not, leave the ego of wanting to be different and better than others, just be yourself! You are not greater or worse, higher or lower than anybody else. God made you perfectly fine, just as you are.

8 Replies to “You are the Hero of your Life – also without Supernatural Powers – 6 Dec 09”

  1. YES! everything one needs one really already owns… For me it is just figuring out how to unlock that Knowledge within my self to let it flow out… i have a tough time sometimes with re-membering… or unlocking that Understanding…

  2. Some people sense or feel that there is something very special about them, that they are somehow remarkable. This is because they are. They are sensing the god in them. Everyone has god in them.

  3. I agree Cherry and I think it works the same way when you see something beautiful in someone else. Or perhaps it is someone that many people see as an amazing person. It is easy, for whatever reason,to see the God in them. Maybe they are very close to god. And I think it is helpful to realize that this is also in you and you can bring it forth. This is why love is for everyone; because everyone has this profound love inside of them.

  4. I love this idea! When you are your own hero, you never really rely on anyone else to save the day. You know you can count on yourself and have an endless supply of love for yourself. One thing I have been working on for myself on this journey is being my own best friend. Sometimes it seems like no one else can really understand you or you feel lonely at times. Well who better to comfort you than your own soul! I have been enjoying time spent with myself exploring all that I am… and I am my own hero! Yay!

  5. In my opinion, the greatest heroes are those people, who never try to be better than others and those who even don’t know the word “self-assertion”. A hero has a pure heart and personality, he doesn’t need to show other people how special he is. And exactly that modesty makes him that admirable.