Fighting your Ego – a continuous Struggle with yourself? – 2 Oct 13


I yesterday described how most people one time or another get into trouble because of their ego. While I was yesterday focusing mainly on quick reactions that were not well thought through, I would like to write about such actions today which are taken after a longer time of consideration and for which you know exactly that you are actually acting out of your ego.

I am sure that you know such situations as well – either when you yourself react in this way or someone whom you know. There is a decision to take, something needs to be done and there are at least two options: either you insist that things go your way – the way that pleases your ego – or you manage to take your ego back and do it the way that is most beneficial for a higher purpose. It is a conscious decision – and if you decide for the way of your ego, it is a conscious decision.

That does not mean that you are happy about the fact that you let your ego win. No, you are fighting to be able to take another decision, you really don’t want to let your ego win but in the end you lose. There is an inner blockage, an obstacle that you just cannot overcome! This situation is much more problematic than the spontaneous ego-filled reaction I described yesterday because it shows that you are ultimately reigned by your ego. If it overwhelms you in a second and you have it in check in the next, it is fine. If you struggle for days with it and you lose – it is much more difficult, both to revert and to work on avoiding such situations in future!

You regret your decision but each time when this situation comes up again, your ego simply makes you blind and lets you forget what you learned the last time. You repeat it again and again, creating one prestige issue after the other and wondering what you can do in order to break this chain.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that there is no easy solution for this problem. There is no magic pill to take and there is no surgery with which you could cut down your ego. You have to work on yourself. Instead of fighting and struggling however, I would say, you should have a positive approach, observe your own actions deeply and appreciate even small improvements. You can make it if you set your mind on reducing your ego!

The only recommendation I can make is that you stay awake and take conscious action when this situation comes up. Ask yourself some questions: what would be the benefit to others if you didn’t do it your way, if you went against your ego? What good would come out of it if you satisfied your ego? Usually the answer is nothing, you will only be seen as a person full of ego. You lose nothing if you decide against your ego – on the contrary, people will often appreciate this much more! So why not go this way?

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