Your Decision to be Happy – 18 Mar 08


Today after breakfast the rest of the participants of the Himalaya journey arrived in the Ashram. They will spend one week here and then start off with Yashendu in the direction of the Himalayas.

Susi was not in a very good mood in the morning. Nobody, not even she, knew exactly why. So she was in her room and her mood got worse and worse because we were playing billiard in the hall upstairs and were having fun without her. I say that it is always your decision how you want to spend your day and your evening. If you want to be angry or if you want to have fun, you can make the decision! You can control it if you want to be sad and be alone in your room or if you want to be happy and join the others. Do not expect others to come and change your mood. Maybe this happens sometimes but generally and most importantly you are the one who can make the change!

I am also very happy that Susi decided to do so. She rather wanted to enjoy the day together with us and came out of the room to join our game. It was too hot outside to go out anywhere until the late afternoon. We had up to 38 degrees which is at least ten degrees more than usually at this time of the year. So all our guests here waited until the evening to go to the town and do some shopping or sightseeing. We also baked cake in the Ashram for Ramona's birthday tomorrow. She is looking forward and it is nice to see how happy she is.

5 Replies to “Your Decision to be Happy – 18 Mar 08”

  1. it is sometimes a hard lesson to learn that you are responsible for all of you, especially your happiness. It is a rewarding thing to discover and develop.

  2. I think that your words about happiness are profoundly important Swami Ji. I am very grateful that you are sharing this with your readers. I think that sometimes, people are so identified with their mind that they do not have a choice about their mood. They fully embody or are fully possessed by every emotion and thought that passes through them. There has never been a crack in their ego. They have never seen outside of their mind. But for many people this is not the case and I think your words have the power to snap someone out of their misery. Leaving someone alone when they are in a bad mood can be a very caring way to help them, because it can force them to look inward and make a decision to be happy.

  3. Yes! Take control of your own mind– you can’t blame anyone else for it. Although you can’t always control the circumstances around you, you can always control how you react and respond to them. Even if you can’t find a single thing to enjoy or like in your surroundings, you can go inside yourself and be thankful for your breath and your life. You can rejoice in memories or set beautiful goals for the future. You are your own best friend if you choose to be!