Karma and Death – Why there is no Reason to be Afraid – 15 May 08


I would like to write down the rest of the lecture, too, because I think these things can be interesting not only for our yoga students. Yesterday I explained about the different Karmas and death.

Many people here are very afraid of death. But with the philosophy of the Karmas there is no reason for it. Okay, if you die today maybe tomorrow you will be born in a new body. When you have lived all your Karma, you will be liberated and that is the real death. It is the greatest event of life. And this is how it is so amazing in the eastern philosophy how they invite death. They want to embrace and celebrate death.

In the Bhagawat Gita there is a dialogue between Arjun and Krishna. Arjun asks if there is anything definite in this world and Krishna replies that in this world everything can happen. Nothing is sure, nothing is definite except for one thing! Death. This will definitely happen.

There was a great man that I told you about already, his name was Kabir. He said ‘The whole world is afraid of death but I am happily looking forward to it. I want to hug death and become one with God.’ A lot of people are afraid of death and when it comes then they are not aware. Can you imagine how it would be if this biggest fear was gone? Imagine!

I think I haven’t told you about that great Yogi who invited his disciples months before his death to come and see him for a last time. He said that one particular day would be the last chance to meet him. So thousands of people came and he gave a lecture and after it he just said ‘It is time to go, bye’ and died. So you see, it is true, when you know about your Karmas you can predict the time of death. This happened about 40 years ago. This fear of death is somehow crazy because we are actually born for dying. However many people close their eyes and pretend that they will never die. They do not realize that not only everybody else but they, too, have to die one day. There is no need to be afraid.

When I was in Sweden someone was shooting for a movie and wanted to have an interview with me for that movie. As they wanted to have a nice scenery they had hired a small plane and the interviewer, the cameraman, the pilot and I went up in the air. And that journalist was very afraid of that small plane. He felt sick and told me how afraid he was. But I asked him ‘What can happen? The worst thing is that we crash and die. That’s it and that is okay. If it is time for that now, fine, then it happens. He was pretty amazed by the answer and could not really say anything against this logic.

Today we arrived in Wuppertal and had a Darshan in the evening. People enjoyed the peaceful energy.

7 Replies to “Karma and Death – Why there is no Reason to be Afraid – 15 May 08”

  1. For me it is hard not to be scared of death because I don’t believe in God and it is enough to make me want to become religious, and yet that is something I will never do.I suppose it is silly to be afraid of this body stopping when, after it stops, you feel nothing. It’s not like you become a ghost and spend eternity mourning over the end of your life in pain- you simply are not anymore.
    But I do like living… A lot.

  2. Stolle,
    For me it is sad that you don’t believe in God when he brings s much hope and purpose. I wonder how you find hope and purpose in your life and I am sad for you.

  3. Emily,I know where you are coming from, I used to be a believer myself. I understand the sadness that comes from thinking that someone who doesn’t believe in God is miserable and purposeless. I am sorry you are experiencing that sadness and regret. The truth is I am even happier and more fulfilled now than ever. the only thing I still don’t know how to process is the thought of death. I would rather spend my entire life searching for truth and not knowing how I feel about death than clinging to something I believe is not truth, something I believe is impure.
    I’m sure you are a good woman. I appreciate your concern.

  4. Yes there is no reason, and yet I am afraid. TO be honest I don’t think about my death too much, I worry that others will die and about the pain of that.

  5. I think that almost every fear in existence can be boiled down to a fear of death… If we accept that death is inevitable and is the absolute “worst” outcome of any situation, then what else is left to fear? Fear of spiders, fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces… all kind of disappear when you realize that death is the actual fear behind it, and it’s nothing to fear at all! Just the end of this road and a turn onto another.