Afraid of Dying? – Convert to Hinduism! – 7 Dec 10


Yesterday I was writing about the journey of life and said that logically the end of this journey would be your dying day. For Hindus it is actually not even that. In Hindu philosophy, as you all probably know, the death of this life is not the end. It is just another stop, another station on your journey. After that, you are reborn and another life starts.

This belief in reincarnation is probably one of the reasons that Hinduism is so popular and why so many people are attracted to this religion. The fear of death is immensely reduced if you can believe that you will live on in some form. If this death is only temporary, you don’t need to be afraid of it.

Where is the end of this journey? When you reach liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. This is the point when you don’t need to come to this world anymore. In Hinduism, that is the goal of the complete journey. That is the point when you have zero Karma left to work on, when you don’t have to live on this world anymore and your soul unites with the one big soul.

I however don’t even worry about that. I don’t believe that I need to think that far. I feel liberated in each moment. Each moment that I spend in happiness and love is a moment of liberation for me. Who cares about the rest of the journey? Who cares about another incarnation or another life? If I can just continue my journey the way it is, enjoying love, I will be happy and satisfied. If I die, it is fine. If I come back to this world to another life, it is fine. If I don’t come back, it is also fine.


  1. Deniz

    If a person truly believes that there is nothing after death, then what would they really have to fear from death? I’ve noticed that it’s often the most avaricious and angry people who cling to life the most, as if to fear what may come after, though they may deny having this fear, or this fear may be for them unconscious. On the other hand, the most loving and peaceful people tend to have little or no fear of death, as if in accord with their soul’s knowledge that the good character they have cultivated has earned them a good afterlife.

  2. Manoj Kargudri

    Realizing the Very Purpose of This Life.Happiness is a state of intelligence where the mind is free of greed, repentance, desires and possessiveness. Where, one is with compassion towards the entire surrounding situations.
    What would have happened if we have no desire to eat clean, nutritious and hygienic food?
    What would have happened if we never had a desire to educate our children?
    What would have happened if we never had a desire to have a happy married life?
    What would have happened if we never had a desire to lead a respectable life?

    What is content of happiness?
    What is the use of intelligence when it cannot be used constructively?
    Should we have good desires?
    Persistence to be constructive without frustrations is a good purpose of life.
    When we are happy that we have lead a calm, gentle and humble life, with love, compassion and brotherhood, to serve humanity and mankind, constructively.
    One can depart from this life with an enjoyment and grace.

    L I F E is B E A U T I F U L

  3. Hans-Christian Vom Kolke

    As a child or young adult, I always had this fear of death, partly because of how my parent family dealt with illness and death.I’ve become free of these fears in the last 5 or 10 years as I thought about it more freely.
    If I’m dead, those …who stay might be sad, but my body doesn’t feel or think anymore, so what the heck!?
    And if there is a paradise or a next life (there is certainly no hell, hell can be only inside of us here on earth), which I believe, even better!

  4. Armin

    It`s not only hinduism which says that there will be one life after another. Other religions belive this also, even the early christs believed that there will be a next life on earth for us. For me it is on one hand terrifying knowing that I have to go back to this earth after my death, but on the other hand: who cares? I would have had forgotten this life as I also have forgotten my other lifes befor.
    Sometimes one question comes up into my mind, is time realy a streight line? Couldn`t it happen that the circle of life doesn`t depent to that streight line of live as we all view time? May I`ll know it one day or better one life. 🙂



  5. Jessica

    Maybe we don’t come back.

  6. Xander from USA

    But I’m a Christian… 🙁

  7. Chris

    Most religions illude to some kind of eternal life. I think what they illude to is just what your describing in your final paragraph Swami Ji. It has only been terribly misinterpreted.

  8. Denis Caterdeen

    Agreed. That liberation from life in life, is the kingdom of heaven, the end of reincarnation, eternal life.

  9. Isaac Wingfeild

    We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. When you die your energy literally remanifests itself as some other form…a flower, a deer a person. What I have always loved about hinduism is that it recognized this or something related far before the advancement of physics!

  10. Sam Hartzell

    Swami Ji,I see what you are saying about death. Sometimes I think I am not afraid and realize that I am. But I always find it so very very sad. I guess that is a sign that I still fear it.

  11. George Yocum III

    There are 3 great smiles in this photo.

  12. Matt George

    If I believed in a cycled of rebirth I don’t think that I would ever want to escape it. I have way way too much fun and happiness being alive!

  13. anonymous

    DO people ever worry about seperating from their friends and family in this cycle of rebirth?

  14. Nancy Drew

    Deniz,I think you make a great point. Or you make several great points. I think that what people who don’t beleive in an afterlife fear in death is their end (not the after) just like people who believe in an afterlife are glad to be continuing on in some form. I think your observation about angry people and peaceful people is really lovley. Thanks!

  15. Joseph Milan

    Thanks Swami Ji,This is really beautiful.

  16. Kay Tomlinson

    I’m horrified by death’s prospects. The more I come to realize what it means the more afraid I am. This diary entry takes the edge off that fear somehow. It resonates a powerful acceptence that I have never witnessed on a personal level.

  17. Gia Marie

    I have believed in reincarnation for quite some time, though I am not Hindu. I have done lots of reading on the topic of death, reincarnation, and the afterlife. One book even told the stories of people who have had near-death experiences, where they see, feel, and hear the unimaginably soothing unconditional love of the spiritual realm. They actually say they hate to come back to Earth in their physical bodies! From this perspective, we are at such peace and in so much love in the spiritual realm that it is actually more difficult to make the transition into birth- back to Earth where separation, ego, and suffering occur. So don’t worry…death will be delightful!

  18. Mirela

    Instead of having fear of dying, we should try to enjoy every moment of our life. You can’t predict what will come. The fear that you have, is a border that you created in your mind, or which has been created by your religion or society. You don’t have to be afraid of the natural cycle.

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