Prepare yourself for Dying – 5 Mar 09


I was writing about the fear of dying. You can imagine how nice and peaceful life could be if you lived in presence and didn’t have this fear. It is totally unreasonable to have this fear because you cannot control it. We need to enjoy the moment. Eastern philosophers talked a lot about death and their philosophy said that everybody should learn how to die. If you have not learned that and you close your eyes from the fact that everyone needs to die, you will have to live with this fear. You cannot skip death.

An Indian poet, Kabir, about who I also talked about before, writes in one of his poems ‘I am looking forward to the death which the whole world is afraid of with much joy in my heart. When I will die I will meet my God.’ When a person dies, the soul goes out of the body. This is the process of dying. And what is the soul? It is a part of that big soul. And where does it go to? It meets that great soul again.

4 Replies to “Prepare yourself for Dying – 5 Mar 09”

  1. I have heard from others before that you should take the opportunity when you are faced with any crippling fear to “practice for death” because really, for a lot of people it is the scariest thing. I always thought he was crazy but lately I’m not so sure.

  2. If there was more community then i think we would see more death and be more okay with it. But people are shoved into boxes their whole lives, you are born and must stay in the cradle, you crawl- the play pen, you walk- preschool, college class room, office cubical, retirement home, hospital, coffin. cars buses airplanes. Always in boxes away for huge parts of the world. Of course death doesn’t seem natural.

  3. The late Steve Jobs stated a very inspirational quote after discovering he had pancreatic cancer. He said that simply knowing he was going to die (SOON) gave him motivation and fearlessness. He said that being faced with death means you have nothing to lose! There’s no reason not to take chances and live every moment boldly. No time to waste, just life to enjoy. That’s how we should think of it…

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