Experience Death in Meditation and Orgasm – Completely Functionless – 17 Dec 10


Yesterday I wrote about panic attacks that are connected with the fear of death. Michael and I also talked about death this week. It all started with the story of a woman from the area who died young and for no obvious reason. She had a stroke and died. She was around 50 years old, was very fit and active, did yoga every day, ate healthily and had a very nice life. It was short but nice.

When Michael told this story I said that this is was actually a very nice death. She was healthy and happy and just the next minute she was not there anymore. If you are shocked by this story, it is your own fear of death that creates this reaction. If you are not afraid of death, you should be happy and say ‘Wow, how great, she had a good life!’ Who said that we should live at least until we are seventy years old? Who would not agree that a short life full of joy and love is better than a long life full of suffering? We should welcome and embrace death every minute and second of our lives!

I then said I would like to die before my death. Just be without function. Fully without anything, no waves, no heartbeat, no breath. Can you feel in this situation? Are you just in love? When you stop functioning, there is for sure not any fear anymore, no insecurity, no anger and no hesitation.

Why shouldn’t we reach this state before even dying? There are moments in life where you might get close. Meditation can lead you to this peace, this feeling of complete love and just functionless-ness. An orgasm can, too. A deep meditation or a true orgasm gives you the experience of death.

The most important thing is that the fear of death is just unnecessary. Very young people are not afraid of death. Very old people are not afraid of death. And those in between have no need to be, either. Relax and live without fear.

Today very early in the morning we said good-bye to Michael and Andrea and took a train from Lüneburg to Augsburg. From inside the train we saw Germany covered in snow all over. We arrived well in Augsburg and are now sitting in the flat of Ramona’s dad, enjoying that it is cold outside and nice and warm inside.


  1. Paulin Soleyman

    Guess the French are right then… :)~

  2. Rajesh Geer

    Many paths to enlightenment.Even artists like poets and musicians are obtaining enlightenment.

  3. Barb

    I think that sounds like a good way to go= you will be enjoying your life and then it’s over. sounds great. Sad for the people around you, and the fear it creates in them about death and loss. But, great way to go out for the person who’s dying.

  4. Rachel Cash

    When you fear death no length of life will ever be enough.

  5. Jeannine Oakes

    To not fear death at all would mean to be fully unattached to your ego or to know yourself only as the awareness being your “self”. This is not an easy thing to achieve. And dieing any other way is very sad and scary.

  6. Skyler Shin

    I had panic attacks in my early 30s, sure that I was going to die. I was in a constant state of terror. It felt unbearable while it was happening but in order to be able to stand my life I had to learn to deal with death…To face my fear. I don’t regret that time and wouldn’t trade it for anything. When you let go of life you can really start living.

  7. Corey White

    I agree! Well said Swami Ji.

  8. Kati Ruark

    Great entry Swami Ji! It is not enough to not fear death with our intellectual capacity. That is a reflection, essentially, of an inability to imagine what death would be like; an inability to sympathize. To shed ourselves of fear we have to move through it and move with it.

  9. Andrew Bayless

    That is all we can do; Enjoy our life and then it is over…And that is a wonderful wonderful existence.

  10. anonymous

    “I would like to die before my death.” This strikes me as the most worthy goal of any life.

  11. Marie McCanless

    M. Scott Peck, author of “The Road Less Traveled” calls orgasm “the little death.” He says that it is a place without thought but that has transcended thought…A moment where you are fully alive and thoughtless.

  12. Ainsley August David

    Swami Ji, I agree that there is no need to fear death. It will come one way or another. Fear is a very painful experience. It is madness to fear the inevitable isn’t it? Instead of enjoying what is in front of you now.

  13. Jenah Beckman

    When danger approaches us, our bodies natural response to this is fear. We cannot escape that but if we put space between our fear and our being we can observe our fear without it hurting us. We may instead find it lovely or delightful. This is playing with form.

  14. McKenzie Martin

    I am terrified of death. I am scared shit less. But no one wants to talk about it. I feel like everyone is walking around ignoring the fact that we must all face this horror and maybe unexpectedly.

  15. Erica Eisel

    The west does seem to sweep death under the rung. Out of sight out of mind. It isn’t because people don’t fear it. They just ignore their fear of it. And it will catch up with them.

  16. Melanie Falcon

    When the body starts to decay it is a great opportunity for consciousness to blossom, encouraged to accept the impermanence of your form. The elderly who recognize this are not afraid of death.

  17. Samuel Lemley

    And this return movement is not marked by middle age. You can see signs of the body’s slow decline in your 20s. Your never too young to consider death and allow it to be your teacher.

  18. Rachel

    I recently spent some time at a Buddhist meditation center. A woman told me that when a person dies in their culture, often their dead body will be brought inside for a few days to remind everyone that this will happen to them one day. It is a little extreme, but they learn early on that death is just as much a part of life as birth.

  19. E. Marie

    When young people die, many say that it was a tragedy and an accident. But who is to say that it wasn’t their perfect time to go? We have no idea what the spiritual realm entails for us, and we may be called to move on to more amazing things. From the perspective of those still living, it is certainly tragic. But we must remember that their soul is fulfilling its purpose now and creating new life!

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