Accepting Death as a Part of Life – 4 Mar 09


Yesterday I told you how this old woman died in my lap. It was a wonderful way to leave this world. She was not afraid of dying and just accepted it. This is what I also believe in. Death is the last event of our life and we should welcome it and accept it with open arms and a smile. It is your destiny that it will happen. Why to make it a taboo or be fearful? We should not be afraid of life and we should not be afraid of death.

Somehow in our society this is the biggest fear. Please do not misunderstand me, people who commit suicide have even a bigger fear: they are afraid of living which is why they want to end it. They do not really welcome death and do not accept it as an event. They are running away. We often hear that young people take their lives out of pressure or fear. I have also seen that people make a drama of suicide, they pretend to be ready to kill themselves. They do not want to die but have attention. They want to prove that they are victims. They are very afraid of death and think that it is the biggest thing from which they can create attention but they have not the intention to really die. If someone really wants to die, nobody can stop him.

Mostly I have seen that the idea of suicide is very temporary. It is just one minute or second. In that time, because of fear, someone can take an action and finish his life but if they get the right advice, the right thought or if they can manage their negative emotions in that time, they will regret this idea themselves.

Once I was in Copenhagen and talking to a friend. Suddenly he said ‘I want to commit suicide.’ He looked at my face and I smiled. He said ‘You are smiling! I am serious!’ I started laughing and said to him: ‘If you really wanted to die you would not tell me!’ He also smiled and said ‘I thought you would try to convince me and start discussing my problems with me. You are right. I think I have fear and don’t really want to die. Now I think I leave this idea.’ The healthy way is not to be afraid of life and not to be afraid of the biggest truth of life: that we have to die.

We have to accept life and if I see myself I can say I am ready to die in the next minute. I have no fear. I know I will die and it doesn’t matter when. I am ready all the time. We came here for dying. Who was born will die, that is the truth. I remember two lines of a poet. He saw a dead body and is saying: ‘I see the person lying on the floor and people say he is dead. But I think he was travelling until now and now he went home.’ Life is like a journey and one day we will go home.

My friend Paul arrived today to visit us here. He is from England but lives in Sweden and has been here already in 2007. He will help us in making our documentary ‘A journey of love’.

My friends Roger and Mady left the Ashram today. Roger has painted a wall of the school during his stay. We said goodbye to them and brought them to the airport.

6 Replies to “Accepting Death as a Part of Life – 4 Mar 09”

  1. What you are saying makes a great deal of sense. And still I fear death. I do not wish to. I am almost 54 now and as I grow older it becomes easier to let go of life. But in the moment of death, I fear I will resist.

  2. I think everyone thinks about suicide at one time or another but most people don’t make a big deal about it, they hide the thoughts and then they get rid of them. People who want to kill themselves don’t talk about it.

  3. One of the reasons why people fear death so greatly is because they think it is the end of the end and nothing will go on for them after that. But it isn’t! Death is like a graduation, a transition into another phase. We can’t know now exactly what that phase will be like, but a piece of your consciousness, your soul, will “live” to see it. With love and light.