A Peaceful Death at Home – 3 Mar 09


I talked about the situation in western hospitals in the last days. I remember a situation which I want to tell you about. I knew a woman in Bombay who was maybe 70 years old. She always gave me love like a grand-mother and I loved and respected her in this way. It was not a blood relation but a relation of love.

The doctors found out that she had uterus cancer and declared that she would only have a few weeks more to live. I was giving her healings and she survived three more years and did not have pain. But of course the cancer was there and then, in August 1997, the time came when she got very sick. We took her to the hospital and for five days she had to stay there. After these five days the doctors told us that there was no hope and that she would leave her body anytime. They said we should take her home so that she could go in peace and in familiar surroundings with the people who love her. I also said maybe she would not enjoy this important event of life in hospital.

Then we took her home and five days later in the afternoon the whole family was around. She had said goodbye to everybody and she was lying in my lap. She looked into my eyes, smiled and left her body.

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  1. This is very beautiful. Dying at home with your family would be so much more peaceful than in a hospital with machines and sounds all around.
    In a way, knowing that you are going to die can bring peace to your family because they feel like they really got a chance to say their goodbyes and enjoy their last moments with you.

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