Death in Family – 02 Feb 08


In India you will often find people who call each other uncle, son, sister or mother although they are not related by blood. Blood is not that important in these relations. It is the love that counts and which makes them a family. I also have this kind of family in Bombay. I was very close to them when I was in my twenties. There was a man whom I called my uncle. Today I got the news that he passed away.

Before I got to know that I was already in a strange mood. In my first healing session I suddenly felt that something was wrong but I could not really tell what it was. When Ramona and Yashendu wanted to leave for a Yoga Workshop Ramona asked me if she could take the mobile. I replied in an untypically sharp way: "No!" I was wondering myself and I saw that she was wondering why I answered like this. I even did not really need the phone. But it was good because I was called just some minutes after they had left and was told that he had died. I am sad. After calling this family I also talked with Roger. Just this sad mood is there, this energy is there. Life is a mystery; nobody knows what will happen in the next minute.

Death, Sadness

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  1. It is amazing how we have these feelings that something is wrong before we really “know” what has happened. I think it is the 6th chakra in action. It certainly doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. :(Brighter days always ahead!