Tribute to the Ghazal King Jagjit Singh

Yesterday we got the sad news that Jagjit Singh has left this world and is no more. Everybody has to go one day but I did not think he would go like this. Even though he had health problems he had still been fit. Only two days before he was admitted to the hospital, he had a concert and another one was planned on the next day. So he was active but when he reached the hospital, his situation was critical.

With this news many memories came up, because I knew him personally. The whole world knows how great an artist he was but he was also a nice human. He was here at the Ashram in Vrindavan several times and I met him and his wife at their home in Mumbai, too, he invited us to his program in Delhi and I even met him in Frankfurt once. When he was around, giving a concert in Agra or close-by, he phoned and came by or let us know that he was around, so that we could meet. So we had a nice relation.

He was the ‘Ghazal King’, that is what he is most known for but with his silky voice he recorded many Bhajans, too. While he recorded those religious songs, though, he only ever gave one Bhajan concert and that was here at the Ashram at my birthday celebration while I was in the cave. Otherwise he refused to do Bhajan concerts. We were once contacted by an organizer to ask him to sing Bhajans at their religious program but he clearly told that he would not do this. He would do Ghazal concerts but that was his one and only Bhajan concert, no matter how much money they would offer him. He was a great man with principles.

I honour him with this tribute.


See pictures of Jagjit Singh visiting the Ashram

See today’s newspaper article in Hindi

One Reply to “Tribute to the Ghazal King Jagjit Singh”

  1. It is always sad to lose a beloved artist. At least his music is something to be honored and cherished, even after he has passed. Some artists even become more popular after they have died… it is sad because they couldn’t live to see their ultimate successes. But we can send out love and prayers to his soul and his family, and maybe tribute him by playing his music today!

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