Losing Vishal, the brightest of Ammaji’s Chefs – 5 Jun 16


Today I have to give you sad news: one of our chefs has passed away last night. His name was Vishal and he was only 25 years old. He will be dearly missed!

Vishal was one of those chefs whom we employed after having started the restaurant, when the crowd of guests was growing every day and we noticed that we needed a bigger team. He came to lead the Chinese section of our kitchen but soon we found out that he could do so much more: he helped out with continental dishes, he could fill a gap in the North Indian section, too – he was a true all-rounder!

The newly married young man proved to be a real enrichment not only in a culinary sense. He was really enthusiastic about cooking, loved what he was doing and brought a fresh and positive spirit into our kitchen! When there were new cooks or helpers, he would be the one making them feel comfortable in the team, explaining them how things worked, where ingredients were and so on.

He truly cooked with the love that we want to see in Ammaji’s kitchen and which we promise in our meals! His love for food came apparent in his new creations and his wish to have us try them at our own meals.

It was with shock that we received a phone call about ten days ago on which someone told us that Vishal had had an accident. This man had brought him to the hospital – and immediately two of our team members started from here to help. It was clear already then that it had been a serious accident.

At his fall from his motorbike Vishal had broken all three bones of one leg and both bones of the other lower leg. Miraculously he had no other injuries except for some bruises on the arm. The breaks in his bones could be fixed in two surgeries and that’s what doctors did: one day one leg, two days later the other.

All surgeries were successful, we met him before and after. The staff and also management had gone to visit him several times. He was alright, considering the circumstances, talking, even joking. We told his family that we would lend our support until he was fully fine and would come to work again. Ramona and I paid another visit to him on the day he was about to get discharged. In the evening, he was shifted by ambulance to his home.

In the evening of the next day, he had a heart attack. His family took him to the hospital but the doctors could only testify his death. It was a shock. After all surgeries, when he was only going to be recovering – and nobody knows how exactly it happened and why.

It doesn’t matter anymore either – Vishal’s shining light has left us forever. We kept the restaurant closed in condolence the next morning and midday, opening only for the evening. And whatever will be prepared in our kitchen, we will always be remembering Vishal!

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