Children Beaten to Death by Teachers in Indian Schools – 20 Aug 10


Yesterday we heard of very disconcerting news again: a seven year old girl in Rajasthan, our neighbour state here in India, had been hit by a teacher in July and because of this lost vision of her left eye. She had not done her homework and so the teacher took her notebook and hit it into her face and slapped her several times afterwards. The shocked mother brought her to the hospital when she saw the injuries around the eye and was told that the girl will not see on this eye anymore. It took a lot of effort for this woman to file complaints with the police as they at first refused and as the school administration also pressurized her not to do it. However she did not shy back from this and finally now the public is aware of it, charges are filed and action will be taken against teacher and school.

While we were looking for internet references and sources for this story, we just put some keywords into google and found so many stories of violence and punishment by teachers because of which children got blind, handicapped or even died.

Some weeks ago a 12 year-old girl died because a teacher hit her over the head. Police filed a case for unintentional murder. Last year, a teacher hit a girl on the forehead with a cane. When the girl fell unconscious, the teacher panicked, first hid her in a cupboard and later dumped her body in a water tank. Examination found that she probably died of suffocation, not by the hit on the forehead. A boy was hit by a teacher on the head because he accidentally tore his classmate’s notebook. He is deaf now. A 14-year-old boy collapsed while the teacher was hitting him and then died in hospital. A teenage boy died while running penalty laps for coming too late. A girl had been unable to say the English alphabet, had been beaten and made to stand in the sun for more than two hours without getting water and with bricks on her shoulder. She died after some days in coma.

This all happens although corporal punishment had been declared unconstitutional in India in December 2000. Today again all schools were officially reminded of this fact. We know however that the concept of our school is not very common in the surrounding – hardly any school states that the teachers will not hit, beat or in any way physically punish their students.

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  1. I can’t stand the beatings…I worked in a school in Pokhara Nepal a few years back and had to leave…I asked them to stop hitting the children and they said “this is our way…this will always be our way”…I suggested that they start to change their ways as fear and beating are not the answers…they declined.

  2. We have very strict rules that not any teacher can harrass any student and give any this kind of punishment. Only one time in three years it happened, last year, that a teacher could not control her anger and she slapped a boy. We immediately fired her and all other teachers got a good lesson from this, too.
    It is the only way to educate children, otherwise they also will hit those who are younger, smaller or less strong.

  3. Aren’t we teaching to misuse our powers and authorities to children? Beating of children should be stopped at all. I remember from my childhood once I was beaten till I was bleeding, I never can forget that. After that my parents changed my school but not any action was taken against the teacher. I am still so much angry to the teacher because he just beat me for coming late to the school because my cycle broke and he even did not listen and just punished me and started beating. I think I will never have respect for this teacher in my life, I never want to see him in my life because I think I will never forget that what he did to me. Thank you Swami ji that you write about this topic and I could say what I feel. I don’t follow the system which says we should be respecting teachers. I ask why and how come you can respect such teacher? What are we teaching to the children?

  4. a teacher must be a friend to all his students..beating of children should be stopped..we should follow the system set up by J.Krishnamurthi in his schools such as Rishi Valley…what you pour into your children determines the future…violence only brings more brings more love…teaching is meant to be the “noblest profession in the world” is it so today???…

  5. I have been really saddened to read this post… and to know that it is so common, still. I know besides physical wounds there are also many emotional wounds created all the time. I am so grateful for your school were everything is founded on love, respect and gratitude. I know the kids are in good hands with all of you. Sending blessings and prayers so that the consciousness of Love can continue to expand. Thanks for all you do.

  6. I think nobody should have authority to beat children, this is totally wrong concept that teachers have power and authority to beat children. First we would need to change our mindset, I was so shocked when I heard parents saying to the teacher that they are allowed to beat their children when they are not good in school. When I asked these parents in person why they said this? I was told that “oh it was more to create fear for the children and little bit of beating is also necessary to keep children under control”. I think this is not at all a right attitude or a mentality that you can keep your children under control by hitting them or they will learn good if they will be beaten. I am so thankful that I have never been beaten by my parents in my life and I think I was never out of control for my parents. Of course I was also beaten in my school, even though I always have been very good in studies. I was always beaten because of playing never for studies because I always had very good grade in school. I think we need to bring changes in our mentalities first. Why are we behaving like illiterate? First we need to educated ourselves before we start teaching. There should be teacher training courses for every teacher where they should learn about how to teach. Teachers should be teaching love, compassion and sympathy not the anger, hate and violence.

  7. Thank you for sharing this report. Lately I get all kind of wild information, happenings around the earth, in nature or with humanity.
    It is all happening now as it was told long time ago: the TRUTH is unfolding about everybody and everythin…g. And I can tell it will become more and more. So lets keep up the light and prayers because we cant be everywhere in physical form to assist while its always possible sending prayers and light to all those who suffer and surely thanks to you who does so much for the kids in your location. Bless you.

    But also we need to pray for those who are not on the path yet, because their actions explain their emotions. In fact, their soul is calling for help, they are tuck in their illusionary world. Where I come from I was exposed to such people myself and today I know that hate, anger, violence, depression, controlling…. is all caused by emotions. Emotions are all FEAR based and people do the craziest things, even they may love the child. They act in an aggressive way because they have LOST mastery over themselves, i.e. their emotions which are suppressed.

    Also I learn that each soul, including me as a victim, agrees to choose its own way of how to go back to the source, which is all about the ascension of the earth WITH humanity and we are all undergoing now. There is no exception! We ALL are ascending. In order to liberate my own physical body and my soul, there was no other way, only ONE: forgive & forget and let go and to feel only LOVE in the heart for those. LOVE has a HEALING vibration effect within us and for our surroundings. Therefore it is so important to operate at any time through our heart, especially now, more than ever because THIS IS OUR ascension.

    We need to understand that the only true moment is the moment we are living in right NOW, in that minute. Everything in the past (even the second just before) or in the future is an illusion. It does not exist anymore (past) or does not exist yet (future). It only exists in our fantasy, our mind. While we continuously reproducing fear from the past into our presence, we need to understand that THIS creates our future. Where we put our attention, the energy flows to. So be aware of what you thinking. We always attract the same energy WE carry AND those from our ancestors. YES we are also carry this energy from them. I know for many people this still sounds wired but believe me, I walk a path of self healing since many years.

    Human gave everything a form to be followed and respected (conditions!) and when these conditions are not respected, insecure & guilt arises because their rules have been ignored. This therefore causes anger, hate, aggression 26. in the unconsciousness and the ego starts to act up and activates self hatred, not feeling good enough. But when turned outwards, it is against the others around. That is the cycle each soul walks in each life time.

    It will get worse the next 2 years due to the earth shifting into higher vibration energies which has its impact on our human being on all levels. Iin these higher vibrations there is no room for illusions and emotions, except for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We are asked to let go.

    So lets pray for all of these poor beings as victims, send them light and ask for the enlightenment for those who are stuck in their emotions in order to find their path.

    Lots of blessings, Love & Light. ELKE

  8. We must put an end to indolence.Human dignity and respect with our people! Because we must live, smile, love and be happy! We need to find the love in every gesture! In sunshine and in the expression of every look!

  9. It hurts me deeply to hear this and more it makes me really badly angree!!! Never ever would I send any kid to a school where biting is consider to be teaching system ! Not if I see that violence is tolerated in that school.What a teaching system should that be? A teacher who can not teach without biting is NOT a TEACHER! not one of Knowledge but of violence. Such People should never ever come close to Children.

    The School system should look at great history of India where the biggest achievement’s they won thou Ahimsa!

    My Opinion, my wish and dream is : Yama and Niyama should be the very basics in the school system. followed by Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana teaching.
    Kids are like sponges, they take everything inside what you give them, we should give them the very best we have so that they reach the very best in they life.
    We should support they talens so they reach maximum and become better human been for themselves, for the society and the world …right now a beautiful Poem from Rabindranath Tagore is in my mind , That should be a believe of a School!

    WHERE the mind is without fear and the head is held high
    Where knowledge is free
    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
    By narrow domestic walls
    Where words come out from the depth of truth
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
    Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
    Where the mind is led forward by thee
    Into ever-widening thought and action
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

    Thats my vision of a School where I would love to send my Childran to.
    Love, Light and Peace


  10. As a teacher in Guyana I used corporal punishment because that is what the practice was and that was all I know. Here in the US I’ve learnt differently and can manage even the worst behaved students quite effectively without resorting to corporal punishment. Its a question of providing teachers with the right training and supports. No child should be beaten whether in school or at home. In botn cases its a question of showing love, care and concern, building trust and teaching by example.

  11. I feel such teachers shall be treated again in the same way as they torture the kids.i know kids are notorious but they should not be punished in this way.its inhuman.teachers have to be given training before they are appointed on how to treat kids.

  12. Those who are suposed to be the persons in a position of trust. Those who should take care and charge of the education and the development of the childs became there worst enemy.
    This experience will be present in the childs head forever.
    One of the fatals crimes I can imagine!

  13. that is horrible..teachers is a honourable proffesion. They give education and knowledge to students.
    They must have lots of love with them, and gave education with love and smile.
    It’s a shame if there’s teachers who doesn’t aware about it.

  14. That is horrible heartbreaking news to read about, and yet it happens…the teachers forget that they are teaching the young and the future of the world in the classroom and sometimes only think about how my the child is learning and when they feel the child is slacking…out comes the whip!

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