Beating Children Costs Money – So Leave It! – 3 Nov 10


Yesterday I wrote about the study on education, violence and sexual harassment that was done by Plan International. Now when I told you about this, I focused on the points that I find important, that children are beaten and sexually abused. What Plan International wrote – and after them many newspapers, magazines, online authors and writers – includes another aspect: money.

The main point of their study, which was conducted not only in India, but in 13 countries of the world, was actually how much money different countries lose through physical punishment. The point is that many children stop going to school after being beaten and mistreated. In this way the schools earn less money which make the country earn less money but more importantly the children drop out of school, don’t finish their education and cannot become great engineers, scientists, computer specialists and doctors who would all earn and pay money for the country. In this way countries get a financial loss through corporal punishment.

One of the astonishing facts was that a yearly financial loss of 7.42 billion US-Dollar, India only reached the third place behind the USA and Brazil. Plan International obviously hope that this will be a reason for governments in all participating countries to start enforcing child rights and laws in order to save some money.

What stroke me about this study was that the money aspect was so important. Now, I don’t believe that this charity organization cares more about the money than the children but the fact that they believe they have to send the message in this way already tells its own story. They have most probably written hundreds or thousands of articles about child laws and violence in schools but to make it more important, they show how much money it costs. Does this mean that the governments of this world only care when it is about their money? Don’t they listen if you tell them that children are beaten and abused, do they need to hear that this will cost them money? Shame on you!

If this strategy helps, it is very fine, I wish that every government wakes up and acts. But I want them to act not only for those who could become engineers and have leading qualities, they should have this feeling in their hearts that they need to stop violence, no matter at what cost! If the whole world only cares when it is about their pocket, it is a very sad place to live in!

You need to act and help those who need it. Without seeing or thinking before, what it will bring you. These are the children of your country and you are responsible for them. Give them love instead of violence and let them get education in a peaceful and joyful atmosphere.


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  1. Maybe a mandatory educational course on the “costs” (fiscal, cultural, material, emotional) of child abuse in schools could eventually be established for teachers.

  2. That may take time, but it can start by parents telling there kids that it is not okay for anyone to touch them in school. If it happens parents can go to the police and if they are unresponsive, go to the newspapers. No one has to lay down to this.

  3. I studied abroad in Ghana when I was attending University. In Ghana, physical violence to the point of death, sexual harassment and rape is a rampant problem even at the University level. I spent some months researching this issue and found that it was strongly believed by men and women that those who were being “punished” brought this entirely upon themselves. This really broke my heart. I remember that it was news that a Muslim boy had “jumped” out of a third story window and died, supposedly to escape his teachers thrashings. He was being punished because when he went to prayers he did not recite the ‘Lords prayer’. His parents told him not to and he was only in a Christian school because he had no other option. This article was discussed in my French-African Literature course which was made up (unusually)of about 15 Ghanaians and 10 Americans and I was really surprised by what happened. There was a perfectly clear divide in opinion between Americans and Ghanaians. Exchange students rattled off various opinions about why this should not have occurred and Ghanaian students said each time and very surprised by our answers, “he should have obeyed.” Obeyed who! I asked. His parents or his teacher? Again the answer was “What do you mean? He should have obeyed.” I still do not understand this exchange. But what I did take away from it was a better understanding of our minds fantastic power to shape our reality, our right and wrong, the way we use language and not just what we think but how we think. It seems that education and a strong voice in opposition to physical violence in schools can have a profound effect on a situation like this.

  4. I was glad when I read this part about the money studies, because I couldn’t think of how to convince the teachers to stop treating kids this way. But money works. It always does. Especially with government.It is the universal language. (Along with love and suffering. Hah.)

  5. That’s why i would never hurt my child. beating children is wrong but a lot of people get away with it…and being a witness to it is just as wrong…but falsely accusing someone of abuse when they are innocent is just as wrong as well….

  6. Dear Swami Ji , you just pointed it out …. its disgusting but yes it is all about money ! The Government only react or get a change to act if they can prove that if they don 19t change the situation it will cost even a lot of money! Since Government are also corrupt I am not so sure who is behind this whole Money greed!
    When I read in your diary from the last tow days I was thinking a lot about Children slavery witch I saw a Documentary on TV 26 it hit me badly deep in my heart!!!! Child Slavery !!!! The meanest face Capitalism, money greed and ignorance brings for so many Souls the Hell on Earth!

    Yes we are in 2010 but slavery remains, a reality across the world. At least 12.3 million people life in slavery and many of these are forced to work in industries making products sold in both local and international markets. Around 8.4 million children around the world are enslaved today. Boys and Girls just trued 5 years they got send from the family to life and work for a Master.

    The Documentary I saw in TV told a story form Ghanaian boy sold by they Family to Fisherman’s. One small boy 5 years brought me to tears when he told he has pain in his chest and cant breath without pain. He told that the Master, a fishermen who owns him, did beat him with a rudder cause he was playing 26 it is a Child just 5 years old !!!!!!!! His rips was broken 26.!!!!!!!!! It is breath taking !!!!!!!!!! I still am shocked!

    And this is just one life of so many who has to life such a brutal live…! It is so hard to take it, it is so hard to see it and understand that this is how this world is for so many Children and adults 26

    I just added some links :,1518,725590,00.html

  7. How can someone harm such an innocent being? Children need to be protected by those who gave them life. Of course they can be stressful and tiring, but they are never aware of that. We can only try to teach them, but violence won’t ever be helpful.

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