My Experiences of Violence by Teachers in School – 21 Aug 10


There have been many comments on yesterday’s topic and I am very happy about this. The idea why I am writing about this is to bring it more into the public and make people aware of how common it still is.

Teachers need to be trained not to hit any child. Violence is not a solution for education. Children at some point also get used to it and think ‘Okay, what will happen? I will get beaten, that’s it’ and not care about learning anymore at all.

I remember my school time and there were some boys and girls in our class who were daily beaten. It was like a daily program. Certain teachers had certain children whom they liked to hit most. So it was already clear before a class started that this boy or girl would have to go to the front to be beaten. However these children often had this kind of attitude that they would walk up there in a kind of proud manner. About children who were beaten regularly, teachers said things like ‘He has skin like a rhinoceros, so you can hit him but he will never change!’ They knew their beating would not help but still they hit them each day.

It might be that the teacher just didn’t like that child and for that this child got hit on regular basis. I remember that it was my situation with some teachers, too. I did not do any mistake but I was the one being punished. I was a very good student however their personal attitude made them hit me.

The rest of the class would already be afraid simply from this incident. Some teachers just hit one child in the beginning of the class to have a scared crowd of children in front of them. Those teachers who were most cruel were considered as strict teachers. Children were terrorized and that made them be quiet which perhaps made others think he was a good teacher.

This kind of punishment was always very cruel. Some teachers used hard wooden sticks. Others took a fresh and bendy twig from one of the trees in the courtyard to hit with that. That was even worse and often we saw bruises and sometimes even blood. Slapping with the bare hand was done with full force. Some teachers also pinched, but not softly but they grabbed some skin of the belly and twisted. At the belly skin is soft so it was easy and hurt very much. Other teachers or for other mistakes students had to take a pencil, put two fingers of one hand under and two fingers over it and place the hand on the table for the teacher to hit on it. All of your fingers would hurt after such treatment.

Sometimes teachers liked to play a cruel game. The teacher asked a question and a student had to give the answer. If the answer was wrong, the child had to stand up and the teacher would ask the next one. If he got the answer right, he had to go and slap the first student. Now think these two children were friends! The first child did not want to hit his friend but had to, otherwise the teacher threatened to hit him. For the one who was being hit it was not only a physical punishment, it was psychologically, too. Imagine their situation when they would meet after this class!

Teachers in my school-time always seemed frustrated and angry. This was how they took out their aggression and anger. Corporal punishment, spontaneous hitting, pinching slapping and more. A child of four to thirteen years cannot do anything against this adult person! But this is not any way to get respect, it just creates fear.

And this all, what I am telling you, is my own experience. I did not take this from anywhere else, I saw this with my own eyes. I left school before I turned thirteen, so this is what a child of less than twelve years experiences in school. When I remember those teachers who were hitting, I can say honestly, that I will never in my life have any respect for them. I do not see them as good teachers.

But this is not only my story, it was very normal and unfortunately is still. Times have to change, make people aware of it! Violence brings only fear and again violence and never can it bring respect and love. Children learn best with love and interest.

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  1. I’ve noticed that there are people filled with the poisons of anger in every profession. I also have little respect for a few very angry, hostile, and violent teachers I knew when I was a boy. However, it is a fact of life that there are sometimes very unruly students who need to be controlled somehow. I remember when I was in elementary school, there was a very angry and violent classmate. He would disrupt the class, bother other students, and punishment by teachers never changed him. I found out later that he became a criminal and eventually wound up in jail. So how would you recommend that teachers deal with such unruly students, Swami?

  2. Communications – love – openness and to be inclusive it´s the most neccessary ingredients when I try to teach students …. So I´m agree with you – violence is not welcome – it gives a bad mood and experience . . . .

  3. Dear Deniz,I know of such children you are talking about and we also had this kind of case in our school when teachers tried to give extra homework, have the child come for extra lessons and more, however nothing helped. The boy was full of aggression. We unfortunately had to send him out of the school in the end.
    You need to see that not only the teachers are responsible for education, the parents and their whole environment at home, too, takes responsibility for this aggression and violence in the child.
    In my opinion it would be necessary for these children to have help in a special, smaller institution, maybe where they could also be over night and where people give them the attention that they are crying for through their violence. Maybe doing extra sports is good for taking out the aggression. These children have a special need that not every school can fill but I hope that more and more parents realize their own responsibilities there, too.
    However it is, in whatever case, violence is not the solution – ever!

  4. I so agree “Children learn best with love and interest.” However, reality is still often way too far from that… I am sorry you and so many suffer so much emotionally & physically. I was particularly touched by the “cruel game” you desc…ribed (the slaps). I see this as an example of what happens even with adults, within companies, etc. Many who developed that ” rhinoceros skin” either completely shut down and/or duplicate the same behaviors with others without maybe even realizing that there is another way. Grateful that the consciousness of many is raising yet there is still such a long way to go… See More

  5. Speaking from experience both teachers and parents do what they are taught and what is practiced in their society. In Guyana I use to beat students as a teacher. And my parents use to beat us regularly. In the US I have never beaten my son or my students. Instead I have learnt how to discipline without corporal punishment.

  6. I could not stop either my anguish or anger reading this. I can never imagine cruelty to children of any means through anybody. When It is the teacher I would certainly make him repent for the rest of his life! God save our innocent children.

  7. Beloved Swami Ji..I follow your writings with interest. Please allow me to speak up with my knowledge I gained in so many years of self healing and as a healer, whom I became through this path.
    Now, what you are writing (also in y previous b…lock you talking about yourself), wasn’t that all in the past when that happened? Why is it coming to you now? What do you think was going on in your unconsciousness at that time? Bringing it up again after so many years means, that the trauma is still present and need to be released. And that is exactly what we are all asked to do. To recognize and let go of what happened in the past because it only exisits in our memory. Reality is, that in this moment NOW you ARE OK.

    May I explain a few things here. It all has to do with the shifting of mother earth:
    All these things are comming back because our mother earth is shifting and these new energies bringing up what we stored so deep inside of us and wont let go. That’s why so many people suffer more & more due to the new high frequencies, which are unconditional love, 5th Dimensional, and not letting go of the lower frequencies of 3rd Dimension the stickiness and the emotion: I am NOT OK.

    When we keep talking about old pain, the pain can not go because we calling it back over and over again. In these times now, we not suppose to stick the finger into it anymore and stire around. We do not have the time to do this anymore because time is also getting shorter. That means: When earth was still in the lower 3rd Dimension, energy was sticky such as: we hang on to stuff, suffer from depression, sadness, anger, fear. Now we are in higher frequencies which are much FASTER and the” time buffer” (that stickiness) we had in the lower dimension is dissapearing.

    As explained in other blocks I wrote about energy, we need to recognize that our thoughts ARE ENERGY and that we are creating our future with OURr way of thinking. Now what happens therefore with this energy in higher vibrations? Hmmm easy….it MANIFESTS FASTER. Now can you imagine when the time buffer has totally gone (thats what is in 2012), and all your thoughts are instantly become reality? It would be a disaster because we are not yet able to master them all.

    Therefore we are asked now to start recognizing and master/train our thoughts. be AWARE of them because we actually ARE living mostly in the past or to far in the future which DOES NOT EXIST.

    We are asked to realize our life NOW at this minute and to confirm I AM OK NOW. Trust and love YOURSELF because we had been told differently when growing up by our parents, teachers, government that we are NOT OK. We been judged by others (teachers, parents, friends…beaten up, humiliated…) and so we were, until now judging ourselves by the outside world that WE ARE NOT OK. We lost our seniority, our creativity, we left our inner child and focused on what was taught to us by so many different people and THEIR believes of WHO we have to be, WHAT we have to do, WHERE we need to go while we forgotten what WE wanted. This caused sadness, depression, self rejection, self hate and much more. But we need to bring back our inner child again in order TO BE HAPPY and to LOVE OURSELVES. We need to claim back OUR OWN SENIORITY and let go of the believes of others and WHO WE ARE NOT.

    I learn so many things from so many different people on my path that now I find my own way of teaching to people. I am healing my physical body by myself because NOBODY can do it for me. I had to realize that also and its the same for all other humans. We are master of our MIND, BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT. WE ARE deciding what is happening with us, no other people. Its all ENERGY we are dealing with and we are ALL masters. We just forgotten because we’ve been told differently by our surroundings.

  8. Dear Elke, Thank you for your comment. Just want to tell you I don’t have any trauma or whatever you have been thinking or writing. I am writing this all to create an awareness in society for this problem. So I don’t need any healing or tea…ching around this. I am fully fine and happy and enjoying my life and always live in presence. I just want to make people aware through my experiences in my blog.
    Also I don’t belive in this so called 2012 stuff and any kind of shifting or changing of energy or shifting of earth whatever. My idea is of life is: ‘Our destiny is Love and Love is the way.’ Thank you for all these suggestions but I don’t need it. I wish you all the best and Lots of Love.

  9. LOVE, and thank you for your reply Swami. I am not trying to heal anybody rather than explaining through an example that was given here, how energy works. My apologies that my explaining was misleading you to a wrong interpretation.You do n…ot have to believe in what I do since there are MANY keys and ways to reach our souls destiny and as everybody has to find its own way. We choose what works for us and any way is the correct way. I gave only my experience of how energy works, which is absolutely real and proven, just like yours. Learning about Unconditional love makes me understand to accept, respect, share and help each other because we are all ONE, we are all connected.
    I totally agree that LOVE is the only way and I never said anything in contrary. All the best for your projects and the children because they need to be taken care of. LoveSee More

  10. Two yama truth and nonviolence make a man Father of a nation who’s M.K.Gandhi what about others i.e. yog special of Indianyoga which is originated by rishis and munies etc. without personel interest they want to serve the whole world. with thanks.

  11. This is disgusting. Making children hurt each other just so you can feel big and play God by forcing young ones to hurt each other while you watch. It’s sick. Just really sick.