Cruel Teachers Cutting Ears of Students with Blades – 17 Feb 11


Yesterday I mentioned already that some government officials and even teachers are not interested in really educating the students of the next generation. There is a lot of corruption and I often feel that teachers only do this job like every other, for one reason: to earn money. As a teacher however you should have a heart for children, you should have the wish to give them a good future through education. This is unfortunately not the main wish of many teachers.

Two days ago we saw very shocking news on TV. A teacher of the ‘Police Modern School’ in Haridwar slashed the ears of about 40 children with a blade. The teacher was teaching primary school children of the 3rd and 4th grade. They had been playing while they should be listening to him and had not done their homework. So he took a blade and made cuts in the back of their ears.

The school management did not take any action but now, after the media reported about this, the police will investigate further.

When I see these pictures, my heart is hurting. How many times have I written about corporal punishment, about the beating, the hitting and the humiliation that happens daily in Indian schools? How can a person be so cruel to small children? Not out of the anger of a moment, but with full calculation and thought he cut the ears of not only one, no, of 40 children! Is this a teacher or a torturer? Such a brutal and calculated action, creating scars for a lifetime. This kind of person does not care even a little bit about this child, his feelings and his fear and pain. He should be arrested and I hope this will be the result of the police investigations so that other teachers also get a lesson through this.

And now think, even with all the support that you can get, even if you don’t have to pay a penny to go to school, if your teachers threaten to cut your ears, why would you go to class? Really, why would anybody come to school just to get beaten, shouted at and have their ears and other body parts slashed with blades? If a child has once seen a teacher give such a cruel punishment, he or she may easily get afraid that the teacher may hurt them even more.

What do you think how many children don’t come to school because they are afraid of punishment? Corporal punishment has to be stopped, too, in order to increase literacy in India. Schools like ours, in which the school administration takes care that no child is beaten or abused, are rare. There is a law against corporal punishment but it seems like the government does not care enough to actually enforce it. Until they care, it will go on everywhere around us here in India.

In the video below you will see the children, their ears and the teacher who cut them. Even if you don’t understand the language, the pictures are enough to tell you the story.

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  1. This is absolut unbelivable.How could someone act like this.
    Luckyly The video don`t run on my computer, but what you have writen Swamiji is cruel enough.
    I totaly agree with you that this teacher should be arrested, and he should never be able to work as a teacher again.



  2. Mmh. Of course corporal punishment can be a reason for children to stay away from school but actually you see in the video how they are laughing and showing their ears. It seems a bit as if for them it did not really matter.I am naturally opposed to beating and hitting children but somehow they don’t seem to take even this kind of abuse serious!

  3. They are laughing because they see the camera, something new, some attraction and distraction from the boring routing of their school classes!Don’t you see that this is a horrible act, just terrible cruelty by the teacher? I have experienced corporal punishment when I was young and I don’t wish anybody to have this experience. It is not fun and it does matter.
    We need people to stand up against it, parents and students to speak up without fear!

  4. Professors, School Teachers, Directors, they all should be regularly tested whether they are fit for their job or not. Teachers study but except for the marks, which only show if they can learn something by heart and then repeat it by writing it down on a paper, nobody checks if they are suited for this important work!We need more teacher-surveillance! After all, they determine the future of our children and through this our future!

  5. Swami Ji the public has to put pressure on politicians to outlaw corporal punishment and parents and the police have to ensure that those who engage in abusing children get punished by the law. Not sure if Indian society has evolved to that stage in its thinking…

  6. Unfortunately it does not seem as if they were in this stage of thinking, otherwise this would not be tolerated everywhere.It is true, if the public creates pressure, it will happen. We will keep on waiting for this day eagerly.

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