Some Children have Difficulty learning – but Violence won’t change that! – 24 Sep 15

Corporal Punishment

Yesterday I told you that many people here in India don’t believe that spanking or an occasional slap in the face is something wrong or bad for your child. Neither at home, not at school. I explained why this attitude is simply wrong. What teachers don’t realize is that teaching and school is about much more than just marks, exams and a written result in figures. It is about raising children to responsible adults that will make valuable parts of our society, country and world. And you won’t succeed with that in an atmosphere of fear!

We all know that we are not all the same. We get born with different genes and everyone has different talents and abilities. This means that some of us have a predisposition to learn quickly and absorb any kind of information without problem. Others however don’t, they need a visual illustration to understand, they need repetition of this information or another context to actually remember.

You won’t be able to help them by scaring and threatening them. By treating the thirty to fifty children in your class with one stick, beating those who cannot repeat word by word what you have taught them. On the contrary, you make them afraid, nervous and focused on the negative consequence instead of what they should be learning. You bring them pain for not remembering what they tried to learn.

It is not the child’s fault! He is not being weak in learning by intention. And it is not a crime to have difficulty learning – hitting children however, is a crime! Don’t you see your failure to teach? Don’t you see that you did not fulfill your duty? It is your job to teach all the children of your class and you just try to beat information into those who don’t manage to take in information as quickly as others.

The best that you can get in this way is a mindless parroting, a senseless repetition of words but not of their meaning. Children will forget them quickly – because you didn’t teach them profoundly, you didn’t show them the value of it. You forced them to learn instead of showing them the beauty of learning. Your violence will create violence in them, aggression up to the point that they will hurt themselves or others.

Much more than anything that they will repeat in tests however, it is important to teach them how to treat another human being, how to discuss peacefully, how to solve conflicts, how to communicate one’s feelings and opinions and how to accept another person’s point of view as well. School is supposed to help children become good humans!

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