Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop in Texas – 30 May 10

League City
United States of America

Today was a very busy day. Our preparations for today started yesterday already when we went for shopping with Lola and bought the groceries for the people we were expecting for today’s cooking workshop – we knew it would be more than 30. And so we put the chickpeas into water for soaking yesterday and started boiling them this morning. We already prepared some vegetables before people came and then when they were here we chopped the rest for a great dinner!

It was amazing, we had 6 different dishes: Paneer, mixed vegetables, Pulaw, Kadhi, Chickpeas and Potatoes. I think everybody really loved it.

Now we are pretty tired after many hours of cooking but we are happy about the beautiful day that we had.

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  1. I love your cooking workshops! I have learned so much and I never ate such tasty ayurvedic food ever. I always thought ayurvedic food is boring but with you one can really learn how to cook delicious, healthy ayurvedic meals. Thank you very much Yashendu. Look forward to have you back in town and organize your cooking workshop.

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