You are special because of who you are – not because of what you do! – 14 Aug 13


After yesterday’s speech for minorities who feel pressurized by society, I would like to add some words for those people who absolutely don’t feel like a minority, those who feel that they feel like most other people do, those who are genuinely a part of ‘the majority’. Why? Because there is a lot of ‘majority-bashing’ going on, especially in the spiritual scene, but there are a lot of people who honestly feel the way they do and they have a right to be themselves, too – even if this means that they are ‘mainstream’. If you are one of them, you don’t need to feel guilty about it!

It may sound funny to you that I think this should be said but let me explain why I believe that there are a lot of people who have such feelings. For many years now, people have been ‘waking up’, realizing that they don’t want to continue their lives in the normal trot, that they want to get out of the pressure of their daily routine and do something that makes their hearts happy. There have been several movements which you can call the ‘spiritual scene’ if you are looking for one word. They all emphasize that you have to do what makes you happy and I fully support this basic idea. There are different approaches but most of them tell the interested people one thing: you are special!

While again, I agree with the basic idea that we all are unique, there is another implication of this message that I don’t really agree with completely: you are special because you are doing something different. You are special because all those people around you, the ‘majority’, the ‘great mass’ of people are not as conscious as you. You are special because they all do the same old thing and you don’t like it anymore. You are special because you don’t like what they all like. You may find a few people who like approximately the same things that you like but in the end you will go alone on your way to enlightenment because you are so special.

Well, I am just not in favour of the idea that all of these people are ‘the chosen ones’. I don’t think it is a good idea to tell a whole lot of people that you have to be so different from others that you don’t fit in. Yes, I myself tell people that you don’t HAVE TO fit in but it is a completely different story if you tell people that they SHOULD NOT fit in! That they are not special if they feel well around their normal friends. That they are supposed to feel bad when they are in their regular surroundings. That they have to find new friends and a minority that they can join. Or that they have to be lone wolves.

Once you get more conscious of your body, your food, your mind, your levels of stress or relaxation and your actions as whole, you may feel that you are a bit different. You may realize that you don’t enjoy certain activities, maybe like evenings where everyone gets drunk in a bar or barbecues because you are now vegetarian. You may not enjoy talking about most of the topics that you were previously talking about. But even if you still enjoy going to the movies, if you still enjoy dancing in a disco, if you still enjoy going out to a soccer match with your friends, you are still special and unique! You are still an individual being and there is nobody like you!

The message is: you are unique just as you are. Because of who you are, not because of what you do or don’t. Even if you are part of a majority, you are still special!

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