Detachment – Giving Joy to Others altruistrically – 19 Feb 08

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The topic of detachment is really important and interesting. I would like to give one example which I have seen myself. It is a real story which is very close to this concept of detachment.

In Vrindavan, there was a man who loved sweets very much. Indian sweets are very sweet! When you eat one piece of it your lips are already sticking together. This man ate a lot of sweets after dinner each day. He especially liked one kind of sweet: rabari. It is made from milk and sugar. You put it together in a pot and warm it up so that it gets thick. This man loved to eat that and you really need a good digestive system for it. However he became ill and got diabetes. So when he went to the doctor he was told that he should not eat any sweet anymore at all. Normally it was his daily routine to go to the sweet shop after dinner and have fresh rabari there. Now that he was not allowed to eat it anymore he had to change his daily routine. I knew him and I saw how he went to the sweet shop like he did everyday but instead of eating rabari he called someone who was walking on the street and asked him: "Would you like to eat some rabari? I will pay if you would like to eat it." The other man was very happy and enjoyed these sweets and then he asked "But why did you give this to me?" "Because I can't eat it!" And you could see, one man was enjoying eating the sweets and the other man was enjoying even more to see the first one happy. I say this feeling is detachment. This is an example for what I am explaining in the last days: Give joy to others without thinking of your own enjoyment.

At the moment we are sitting in London Heathrow. The journey from Wiesbaden to London was nice and smooth. We still have some time until our flight to Delhi departs. It will be seven hours and we will arrive in Delhi when it is there at five o'clock in the morning.

8 Replies to “Detachment – Giving Joy to Others altruistrically – 19 Feb 08”

  1. A beautiful story. Hoarding joy is a funny practice because it diminishes our joy. Hoarding goods as well, diminishes our joy. And it makes us feel fearful and trapped when we could feel open and full of love and joy. Sharing your joy or your things without considering your own enjoyment is one of the easiest ways to become filled with love.

  2. Wow, that is very impressive that this man was able to transfer his joy of sweets onto another! He could have turned angry and cold toward his disease and wished for no one to have sweets. But it was very bold and strong of him to give to another human though he had been deprived of his treats. This kind of altruism requires that we feel fulfilled in our lives already… everything in addition is just icing on the cake! And for this man, he was fulfilled in life and just started donating the icing for other people’s cakes. 😀