Rules about Unborn Childrens Gender – 23 Mar 10


Abortion of girls and how and why it is done is a horrible thing and when I talked with Ramona about it we both were just wondering what kind of parents these people would be to the eventual son. Who can think in this way? But it is reality and happening here in India and it doesn’t matter if there is a law against telling the gender which was seen in an ultrasound or not, as long as there are dishonest doctors who don’t respect and save life.

When we talked about this law with Angie, she told that it is not allowed in Nova Scotia, where she is living, either, to tell the parents what gender their unborn child has. We were surprised until she told us the reason: it can happen that the doctor makes a mistake and tells it is a boy although it is a girl or he tells it is a girl and then a baby boy is born.

Now in Canada people may not think of abortion when they hear that it is a girl but what happens is that many people sued hospitals because they got this wrong information. They got to know it is a boy and painted the room in blue, bought boy’s clothes, prepared all toys like cars and dinosaurs and then it is a girl! The doctor gets charged for giving wrong information. Of course, they may have spent much money in buying dolls, pink clothes and hair bands for their little daughter who then turns out to be their little son.

We had to laugh when Angie told us about this in spite of the sad situation in India. In Canada the same law exists but for fully different reasons!

5 Replies to “Rules about Unborn Childrens Gender – 23 Mar 10”

  1. Wow the cultural gap is amazing with this common law. In Canada the law is in place to protect doctors from grouchy gender-obsessed parents, in India it’s to save the fetus from gender-obsessed parents. Would be nice if gender didn’t matter so much. Unfortunately it’s one of the most foundational judgement calls people make on other people. Makes me sad.

  2. In the UK we can find out the gender of the baby during pregnancy at 20 weeks but you are always told it cannot be 100% because the scan is not that clear. My first child is a boy but we didn’t want to find out in the pregnancy, we just wanted a healthy baby. I was very ill during my pregnancy with my daughter and she had many tests because the scans showed some abnormality in the pregnancy so we did find out the gender because of the tests they were doing. She was born with a heart condition but everything is now fine. Both my children are healthy and happy, it makes no difference if they are a boy or a girl to me although I feel blessed to have one of each.