No School due to Cold or Hot – 3 Jan 09


Today Ramona and I went to Mindelheim to give healing sessions. Before we started from Schwabmünchen, Purnendu phoned me and told me that in Vrindavan it is suddenly very cold. They only have five degrees in daytime and one degree Celsius in night and the sun doesn’t get through the dense fog.

In the morning the town government called Purnendu and all school directors of Vrindavan to ask them to close the schools until Wednesday. The schools are just not really equipped for this cold. Purnendu already put electric heaters into the classrooms but that cannot help much because it is not possible to fully close the window.

Of course the children are very happy and I remember that in my childhood we also had a few days each year in which the school was closed. We were laughing about the difference from here to there. As children we enjoyed that it was cold winter and when we got a day off and here children are happy when it is hot in summer and can go home early because of the heat. Ramona said that in winter the school children here only get a day off school when there is so much snow that they cannot go to school.

Today we had minus nine degrees here in Schwabmünchen and I saw people going for a walk outside because there were some rays of sun. It doesn’t get that cold in Vrindavan but it is true that people there just do not have proper heating in their homes. Here you go out and then you get back inside into a nicely heated room. In India the doors and windows still let some air pass and there is no real heating system because it is just not worth it for a few days of the year. So they make a fire outside and put electric heaters into the rooms. But I also have to think of those who sleep on the streets of Vrindavan and how they will survive in this cold.

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  1. If anyone over packed for their trip to India like I did, consider lightening your burden by handing out your cloths, especially if you have a heavy coat and aren’t venturing into the mountains.

  2. No school due to cold or hot isn’t a bad idea. You can sweat or you can shiver, but at least you can’t really concentrate, when the weather has effects on your body. And when you don’t feel at ease, of course this will influence your thinking. But you can also use the weather for your pleasure. You can swim or enjoy the sun in your garden or you can have a snowball fight 😉