A Small Child in Love – 16 Mar 09


Today in the early morning my friend Angie from Canada arrived at the Ashram. It is very nice to have her here and especially Kanu was very happy about her arrival. For many days he has been asking when Angie would come. He remembers her very well from the last time when she was here in October. He often asked for her and calls her ‘Happy Angie’ because of her jolly nature and her smiling face.

When he saw her he was feeling shy at first hesitating to come close to her and running away from her. But after a few minutes his shyness had disappeared and then he tried to be around her all the time, looking at her continuously, calling her again and again ‘Happy Angie!’ and trying to do anything that could attract her attention, even during dinner. Then I asked him ‘Do you want to marry Angie?’ and he became very shy. I said to Angie ‘He is in love with you!’

And you can see how he is expressing his love. At this age of three and a half years he also has all these soft feelings but he can only express it in that way how much his mind is developed. The feelings are the same that an adult has, just the way of expressing them is according to the development of the mind. We all had much fun with this little one and the love story and we will have in the next days, too. He is so happy and did not want to go to sleep. I took a picture of him with Angie. It is lovely to see this natural innocent love.

Today is Melly’s birthday and we are sending her much love! We will celebrate together when she and Susi will be here in India and we will have a great party!

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