A Trick to get the Head Shaved – 6 Oct 09


It seems like it is shaving season at the Ashram. Today in the morning Suraj came with a bald head into the room, put his hand on his head and said in Hindi ‘Hair is gone!’

Yesterday I said how great the life of the children here is and each day I laugh about it how clever they are. Kanu, who saw that we three brothers and his own brother had their heads shaved, told Nitin, one of the Ashram students that I wanted him to take Kanu to the barber to get his hair cut, too. He said him to come to the office. There I was sitting without knowing anything. Kanu came in and informed me ‘Nitin is here.’ I didn’t know why and just answered ‘Okay.’ The clever boy asked ‘Shall I go then?’ and I thought he asked if he should leave the office and replied with yes. Nitin, who was standing in the door thought that I told Kanu to go to the barber and this is how Kanu got his wish: I didn’t know anything, and Nitin, thinking that I said this, took him to the barber, his head was shaved and he came back proudly with a bald head, smiling and laughing.

I had to laugh so much about the cleverness of this four year old boy! Now we have five bald heads in the Ashram. So take care if you are planning to come, you could be next!

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16 Replies to “A Trick to get the Head Shaved – 6 Oct 09”

  1. we could learn a lot from the wisdom of children….very clever…don’t ask for permission….assume you have it….cuz if you don’t have permission, believe me, someone will be there to tell you that you don’t, if you ask for it, and if not you may just accomplish your goal, you can always say, ” oh i didn’t know” …..in this case, since all the hair was gone….there was nothing that could be done……smilinig at the cleverness with admiration, now that could be done! thanks for sharing…

  2. Dear Yashendu, this looks great! Hope you are doing well. Could you tell me if Shivam Sharma also has been affected by your recent “virus”?

  3. That’s funny! This shows us, that we should never underestimate the children around us and to take them seriously. They are more capable than we think 😉