One Dress for each Child – no Money for more – 24 Aug 09

United States of America

Yesterday you saw a picture of the children on my diary. As it was Sunday, they only came for lunch, not for classes and they were not in their school uniform but on their festive clothes for the occasion of Ganesha’s birthday. When we were choosing a picture for the diary yesterday, Ramona said how nice it is to see the kids in their festive clothing but then she added ‘But you know, you can see that some of them only have one set of clothes for these festive days. I see this girl, Manju, on each festive occasion in the same Punjabi suit.’

And she told me about two sisters who, whenever they are not wearing their school uniform, wear clothes made out of the same fabric. Their family seems to buy a piece of one cloth and then has clothes made for everybody out of this one piece. And this is why we are always happy if someone comes to the Ashram and brings a bag of their children’s old clothes which we can distribute to the poorest families.

Today was our last evening in Tucson and we invited our friends Victor, Jhan and Tina over for having dinner together with Will, Gigi and us. It was a beautiful last evening!

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