Children Starting to Take up Tasks – 23 Dec 09


Today again we had a food sponsor for the lunch of the children as someone decided to celebrate in this beautiful way with the children in India. When the children of the school come over to the Ashram building to have their lunch, the boys who are studying at the Ashram are already waiting for them with the bowls of food and jugs of water ready.

Kanu, who is now four years old, was here during lunch time and decided that he, too, wanted to help in the distribution. So he took a jug and started filling the glasses of the children sitting in front of their plates and glasses. He did a good job although of course he was a little bit slower than the other boys and although sometimes a sip of water landed beside the glass.

When Suraj, Kanu’s younger brother of three years saw this, he also went to get a jug with water to start distributing. The boys however did not want to give him the whole jug knowing that half of its content will be on the floor before Suraj even reaches the first glass.

Of course Suraj started to cry and didn’t want to leave the idea of distributing water but then someone gave him another idea: he should go and ask who still needed water or wanted more. And this is how Suraj was then going through the rows asking and Kanu right behind him filling up the glasses. And how proud they were!

Already for our young ones it is important to have a task, to do something, to help somewhere. Nobody said them to do this, Kanu just started by himself. Life is for doing something and this is what we should do. If you get together with the family on Christmas, do something together! Don’t put on the TV and sit in front of it, that you could do on your own at home, too. Be together, do something together and enjoy life, living, being and doing!

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  1. It is so good to give children responsibility. It makes them feel proud, gives them something to do and helps them grow and mature. It is lovely to hear that your boys want to help out even in small ways.

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