The View of a Child on the World – 5 Feb 09


Did you ever think about how children see the world, what their perception is of everything that is going on? You probably did sometime, when you were growing up, came out of your teenage and became an adult yourself. But with time passing by most people tend to forget how it is like to be smaller than nearly everyone around you.

You forget how you yourself did not yet understand the world. In that time your parents were the only people in the world. Some time later you got to know more of the family and even the neighbours and close friends. In that time you believed that this is the whole world. When you started going to Kindergarten or to school, this was the most important place apart from your home.

I also remember that when I was in primary school, maybe 7 years old, the 15 year old children seemed like big people to me. When my moustache and beard was not growing yet and I saw older boys who already had a moustache, I was wishing for my moustache to grow as soon as possible and I was waiting for it.

If we see Suraj whose world falls apart if he doesn’t get a toffee in the moment that he wants to and his world is full of joy and happiness when he gets it. It is this innocence which makes everybody love children, this purity and love for the moment. And if you never thought about this, think now and then help your children and the children of this world to slowly discover more and more. It is a process in which you can support them. Don’t get impatient or angry, explain and show them the wonders of this earth.

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  1. It is important to speak to children as if they could understand you, as if they were real valid human beings who deserved the respect that every life does- they understand more than we think, they should be shown respect in order to learn how to respect life. Do not treat a child like it is less human or less important than you. If you treat a child like it is a blundering thing that always gets in the way- he or she will always get in the way because that is what you are teaching them that they are. Teach them love and reverence for all life and they will be a continual source of happiness to everyone they effect.

  2. Childhood is filled with fun, excitement, magic, and imaginary things if you are given the freedom and love to create. But there are also severe downsides to having a child’s mentality. You just can’t seem to make sense of the world at times, and little problems seem like the end of world.
    For how magical childhood was at times, I would never wish to “go back” to being a child. I value my ever-increasing wisdom and awareness so much! Hell, I can’t wait till I’m 80! haha

  3. It is so crazy to remember the big world around us when we were younger and now when we see things like our first school, everything seems so small. I think that is why people like to travel and go to new places; to make their world seem big again.

  4. children are the purest form of the human being. they don’t posses negative thoughts, they just do whatever they want, they are reckless. And also they don’t have a conception of the future, they enjoy their here and now. Maybe it’s not so bad, when an adult is said to behave sometimes like a child. I’m sure we can learn a lot from our little friends 😉

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