Feedback on our Charity Projects – 22 Apr 09


Today we were sitting together and Thomas said that he liked it when I was writing about the children project in the last weeks. He said that this is what people need to get to know: they are not only sponsoring one child but supporting the project.

I also described the situation of these children and told how quickly it can be that children leave our school again. Labourers are moving wherever their work takes them, when work is finished at one place they move to another place.

Purnendu told that some children come for a few days to school to get their uniform and then they do not come again. We cannot control it also if parents take children out of school and send them to work, even though it is illegal.

We are very happy that we have convinced many parents and could bring many children from work to school. And we are grateful that the parents send them and give them the chance to learn.

When Ramona told how nice it was when the children wrote birthday cards for her, Thomas added how nice it is that they are able and know how to write these cards. It makes us happy and it feels good to see this process and that it is appreciated.

One Reply to “Feedback on our Charity Projects – 22 Apr 09”

  1. If the children are only there for a few days but see obvious signs of love then they will likely be changed for the rest of their lives, whether in a big or small way- and that is enough.Well done Jaisiyaram.