Innocence of Children – Be like a Child – 7 Jan 09

United Kingdom

It was a nice first day in Scotland. I had healing sessions in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Glasgow to have a Darshan. When I talked about being natural in the Darshan I had to think about Enki, Julie’s two and a half year old son. It is so nice to see him and his energy, how natural he is and how naturally he expresses his feelings. He laughs when he finds something funny and cries when he hurts himself.

Julie was playing with him in the afternoon and it was so funny to watch. They were playing and Julie was holding his legs so that he was upside down. By mistake she dropped him a little bit on the floor and he banged his head on the floor. He did not hurt himself, he just told his mum: “Not like this, mummy!” I saw his cute little face. It was so nice and we laughed so much about it.

We all have to be like children. We need to find our inner child which is innocent and has the freedom to express. From the Darshan we came back late and now I am tired.

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7 Replies to “Innocence of Children – Be like a Child – 7 Jan 09”

  1. Children. I heard someone say once “why be nice to children, they just grow up to be shithead adults.” I was very offended at this person’s coldness. But I think there is a truth that I found in trying to answer that question. It is another question. I wonder why you wouldn’t treat adults as fragile lovable things when so many, or maybe all of them are. Why you wouldn’t be open with affection towards them the way you would a child. I suppose because a child can not really hurt you, but an adult can. I love children. I think there are many adults who need a patient and understanding love, the same kind we offer to young ones. I see, if you treat children with love and respect then they will be strong and they can be the kind of people who love other people well… and the world needs more people like that. But also- the people who’s bodies are now big, who have careers and children of their own, physically they are bigger but still many need to feel heard, respected, safe, and loved, the same way a child does. I am curious about this.

  2. I also think it is wonderful that children are so natural at expressing themselves. They aren’t afraid to tell the truth. This is something we lose as we grow up… we start worrying about how we might offend people or what they will think of us. Of course we can still treat people with respect, but we should always speak our truth when it’s important. It’s nice to learn from children in their honesty and natural expression.

  3. We all need to find our inner child. To laugh when we are happy, cry when we are sad but most of all to ask questions when we don’t understand something. Children are so open to suggestion and help yet as adults we are often afraid to ask or to be different in case we are judged. It can be hard to be honest for fear of offending someone or their culture but I think you learn to respect people more if you ask questions in order to understand them. Children are so much more patient with each other and have more freedom to express themselves without fear.

  4. I am sure, that we can learn a lot of our little ones. They are out and out pure, they don’t plan anything, they take things as they come, they are spontaneous and reckless. A child doesn’t know how to hide his feelings and so is their expression, they are always honest, you don’t need to interprete every little gesture.