Children in India Playing with Simple Toys – 12 Apr 09


Today I was sitting on the swing in the hall of the Ashram and watched the children for a while. Kanu and his two younger brothers Suraj and Chotu, Krishna and Vrinda were playing. And watching them I felt how this is making me happy. Watching this game just gives the feeling of peace and love. They do not play with great toys or anything like video games. No, for them it is enough that there is an empty box in which they can crawl in, a few empty plastic bottles which make noise when they bang them on the floor and a chair onto which they can climb and from which they can jump down. It is so simple and yet they are busy with these few things for several hours.

Here I feel how simple life can be. It is just our mind, our imagination and our fantasy which creates our world. How do we want to live? Do we want to make our mind so busy that we cannot enjoy these moments anymore? Be free like these children, enjoy your life like they do and trust in God who will provide everything for you that you need.

2 Replies to “Children in India Playing with Simple Toys – 12 Apr 09”

  1. We really don’t need nearly as much as we think we do. There is an uncomplicated happiness that comes from a life that is simple. Overcomplication can make it so that nothing make you happy, some one who lives simply can be happy seeing dew form on a blade of grass.So which is better?
    It should be obvious.
    And if you really do want happiness, then consider choosing simplicity.

  2. Yes, there is something very beautiful about simple pleasures. And children often know how to enjoy it the best. The Western world has so much sensory overload; we can’t even feel entertained without constant noise and flashing images. It’s good to appreciate silence, nature, and the laughter of children. Appreciating the little things. That’s what I’m enjoying about being here at the ashram.