Abortion of Girls in India - 22 Mar 10

The other day we were talking about my friend Govind whose wife got their second child, the first daughter, in November. We talked about how they didn’t know until the birth if it was a boy or a girl. The doctors do ultrasound here, too, to see if everything is alright, however they are by law not allowed to tell the parents the gender of the child. This law was passed for a very sad reason. In India it was and unfortunately is still for many families the biggest luck to have a son. It was like this in other countries, too, in earlier times.

The parents think that the name of the family will be passed on and a son will stay with them the whole life, he will run the family business and take care of his parents when they are old and when he already has his own family. A girl will leave the house, the parents often still need to pay money to her future husband’s family and they need to organize the wedding and spend much money on that. It is really sad but many families still have the strong wish to have a boy, not a girl and when doctors were able to tell that it would be a girl, there were many cases of abortion and killing the little girl in the mother’s womb. It is just horrible.

And what is even worse is that this law brought dishonest doctors even better business. Those doctors, who do not understand the sense and don’t have respect for life, accept bribes from families to tell them the gender of the child. The doctor says that it is a girl and offers them to do an abortion, too, pretending some medical reasons for it. We have heard of cases when the family decided against the abortion and when the child was born, it was a boy, not a girl as the doctor had said. He just wanted to earn more money with the abortion. Who would have been there to prove that the innocent child that was killed actually was a boy? These ‘doctors’ are wrong in their profession and act against the Hippocratic oath with which they swear to respect every life. It is horrible and we just have to make people aware of this so that every child and every soul has a chance.

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  1. Elvira Arrepia

    ‎:-(( very bad karma!!!… not to kill… love each other… and respect your bodies and souls Om Shanti Om.

  2. Renetta A Hunter Land

    I pray that all realize a baby is a gift and that when you kill your unborn child, you are actually committing suicide because you are killing a part of yourself, a part of the whole. For each abortion a void exist in both the mother and the world. We are one.

  3. E. Marie

    What a tragedy that girls are treated like this. I think it must be very difficult to be a woman in Indian society. What is the identity and purpose of a woman in Indian culture?
    On the one hand, she is weak, a possession that can be bought and sold, a regretted birth that cannot carry on the family pride and legacy. On the other hand, she is the mother of children, the one who nurtures the honorable men in society, the object of desire for men to attain, the one that we clothe in silk and jewels, honoring her beauty and treasured existence.

    What a conflicting role to play. A sparkling gem, and a wasted life.

  4. Nicola

    There are so many people in the world that would do anything for a child of their own, and the babies gender could not be further from their minds. Some people discover themselves to be infertile, and if they read about this tragic waste of a beautiful life, and a disgusting dipiction of an abuse of care by the doctors, it must cause them so much pain. What will it take for gender equality to prevail all over the world?

    It’s interesting because when my partner and I discuss children in the future, he makes it very clear that he wishes for a little girl first, so he can treat her like a princess!

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