Showing a little India to German Children in a School – 4 Feb 09


Today in the morning we went with Celina, the eleven years old daughter of our host Regina, to her school. Her class and class teacher had invited us to meet them. The children were very excited and enthusiastic about our visit. The teacher told us that they were much more quiet than usual.

At first everybody introduced himself and they all said that they were 11 or 12 years old. They had prepared some questions like ‘How do children in India come to school?’, ‘How many children are in one class in your school?’ and ‘What is your favorite colour?’. They also asked how people in India celebrate weddings and the girls wanted to know everything about henna. One girl also asked me ‘Do you never cut your hair?’. When I told them that the last time I cut it was in 1997 they were laughing and said that the hair is as old as they are.

They wanted to know how to say hello in Hindi so Yashendu wrote Namaste on the blackboard and everyone said Namaste to us. I said that next time Yashendu can also show them very nice yoga postures which will be very good for them. In this age the body is more flexible and with Yoga they could keep this flexibility.

Then Ramona gave a very nice presentation with pictures of India, the Ashram and the children. With the help of a beamer the children could see everything on a big screen and Ramona explained about the school, the colour festival Holi and how children are sitting, eating and learning in the school in Vrindavan. They were very interested to see all the pictures from India and from boys and girls of their age.

It was a very nice time with them and we all enjoyed it very much. I especially like it that children are everywhere the same. I am very happy and open to go into schools, so if anybody would like to arrange our visit in a school we will be very happy to come. Please feel free to contact Ramona at

It is wonderful to have this exchange with children. They like it very much to hear about another culture and country so they enjoy and also increase their knowledge. I see my God very clearly in their hearts and their innocent eyes.

Click here to see more pictures of the school children


  1. Natalia

    How very sweet! I am looking forward to reading more about your international visits 🙂

  2. Jamie

    Well if you ever go to the US you can come to our schools 🙂

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