A 15-year-old Mother and eight possible Fathers – 16 Feb 09


Today in the morning we said goodbye to Michael, Andrea and Ravael and got into the train from Lüneburg to Wiesbaden. We found our seats and when we came, there was a newspaper on the table which Ramona then opened and read. She read out one article for me about which I would like to write in today’s diary. I do not really want to give a comment on this but I am thinking about what kind of culture we are developing and what we need to learn from this. I think this is the question in the society and we need to find an answer. Children are the future of this universe and I am very sensitive for them.

The newspaper article was about a girl who became mother with only 15 years. I saw the pictures of the child with the baby and around her there were pictures of young boys. Of course the text was in German so I asked Ramona to translate it for me. After reading the article she told me that it is not sure who the father of the baby is. There are eight boys who could be the father, all of them between 13 and 16 years old. There is one boy, thirteen years old, who now wants to make a test to prove that he is the father. He is very sure about this.

On the picture you can see the 13 year old boy holding the baby in his lap and I just have to say that with these eyes and this child’s face he is the cutest father I have ever seen. Other boys are also claiming that they are the fathers even though some of them hope that they are not. One of them said that they never used contraceptives. Another one is sure that he is the father because his mother also said the baby had his eyes.

What shape do we give to this society? What will happen, what will be the future? I just want to put up the question and want to make you think and would like to invite you to share your thoughts. Create a discussion. You can send your thoughts in a mail to info@jaisiyaram.com .

2 Replies to “A 15-year-old Mother and eight possible Fathers – 16 Feb 09”

  1. I think it demonstrates a lack of sex education. Not just towards intercourse but to do with the demands of bringing up a child. I’m sure if kids are more aware and experienced on how much effort it takes to bring up a child well, including the effects on social life, emotions, finances, and often freedom of independence, then they may be more careful in getting pregnant within such unstable circumstances.
    I think it also suggests a lack of ambition. Children inevitably put a stain on other life plans due to the requirement of their needs. Does this young mother have no ambitions for career, or travel, in the next 18 years of her life?