Cultural Exchange between India and USA – 21 Jul 10


In May, when we were in Texas, we stayed with our friends Jeff and Joanne. One day Jeff took us along to his church, the Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church in League City, where they also have a small school. He is a teacher there and showed us around a bit. The church also decided to sponsor one of the children from our school and while we were talking about this, Jeff had the idea that we could do a cultural exchange for the children.

They had planned a cultural week in July in which the children should learn about different countries and India could be one of them. We were all looking forward very much. And last week then Purnendu told the children in our school about it and a girl prepared a dance which we recorded via Skype. This video we uploaded and sent to Jeff’s school so that the children there can get to know our children a little bit and see how they eat and what kind of dance they do. They are already looking forward to see the performance of the children in Texas which they will record and send, too.

We are very happy about this kind of exchange. Through the internet and our international connections we have the possibility to show our children the world. They get a unique insight, something that was never possible before and maybe one day it will be possible for them to meet in person in the other country. Who knows? If any of you has a similar project in mind, and would like to do an exchange, you are very welcome to contact us and we would love to do something for the children together. 

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