Money, Ambitions and Luxury or the Love of Mother and Child? – 11 Jul 13


I yesterday explained how money problems force western women to give their children into day-care centers already a few months after their birth. I believe it is not right that in this whole system of countries which are called ‘developed’ there is no other way than this for a family! It just confirms my impression that this world is turning in a direction where it will one day stand right in front of a wall where the only way to go on will be to turn around. The way that we are on now is not right and just cannot work. There is just no space for love.

Everybody on this world has the right to have children. Not everybody has the wish to become father or mother but whoever wants to has the right to. It is one of the most beautiful experiences that one can have and while raising their little ones, all parents do the best they can.

When we meet the parents of our school children, we see that they give what they have to their children but of course they just cannot afford a lot. We see mothers who work on construction sites and take their small babies and toddlers along. They need to work for the money and may not have anyone to take care of their children. These toddlers play in the dust and dirt as well as the danger of a construction site. Still however you can see how these little ones are given all the love the mother can give. It hurts the mother that she doesn’t have family who is not working and could take the small ones but she has arranged herself with her situation and gives her best as well as much love.

Mothers in more developed countries can pay an institution where trained people will take good care of their babies while they are at work. It is less dangerous, it is maybe more developed but it doesn’t hurt the mother any less. The baby is well taken care of – but the moment she picks her little one up, her heart is filled with so much love that she feels she won’t give him away again.

Today’s world is all about money. Modern development has not reached to a point where they try to keep people from reproducing. They could not go this far but they have found a way to keep people as efficient as possible in their sick system in which money is the highest value of all. People should work, earn much money and spend it right away, too. To get people into this system, they fuel their ambitions, make them thirsty for more and more, tell them never to be satisfied with what they have and give them the feeling that they need more and don’t have enough.

You are allowed to have a baby but then you are told how many things you must have for this new little being and all these things are expensive. You need money to buy them, you have to go to work. So give your little one away, even pay for that and come back into the system. Work, earn and spend. Is this how progress looks like? A child with three rooms full of toys and a nanny but mum and dad never around to hug or cuddle?

It cannot work, there is no love involved and it is too bad for the young and for the old! No, I believe some day mankind has to turn around and understand that money is not everything and that people need love more than any material wealth you can give them.

Again I want to appeal to the parents in this world to focus on their love. Your situation may not be ideal and you may get the feeling that you are torn in between the wish to be with your baby and to earn more to be able to give more. Please sit down in peace and evaluate once more: how much do you need to be away from your baby for you all to be able to survive and live? And how much are you working on top of it, for a higher standard and for extra luxuries? Wouldn’t it be possible to do with a bit less?

Reconsider: what you could give more in material means that you have less time for your love and closeness. Cut down on your ambitions and don’t let yourself get caught in the greed for more and more. When your little baby smiles at you, falls asleep on your shoulders or comes to you for a hug, you know what is most important in life: this love for each other!

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