Charity – Drinking Water for our Neighbours – 21 Mar 10

Our neighbours always had to walk a very long way from their houses up to the Parikrama Marg, the pilgrimage street where the next pump is to get water for drinking and washing and everything. It was a very long walk and they had to walk it several times to get enough for their needs.

To help them, we decided to arrange money to do this charity to give them an easier way for getting water. We organized a connection to the water line and lay a pipe through our garden and Ashram. At the other end of this pipe we made a tab at the outer wall of our kitchen. Now we open it for certain times during day, some hours in the morning and some in the evening, and they can come and take it from our pipe. So that is how about 30 families are happy and thankful that they do not have to walk a long way anymore for getting drinking water. It is nice to see them coming there and filling many buckets of water to bring them home. Of course now we also have people standing at our back door and asking us to open the water at different times than usual so we also have some extra work and of course expenses but it is just great to do this and help in this way.

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  1. That is so wonderful! i was astounded when i visited Ecuador at how – even in this modern time – people had to walk to get water…and it wasn’t even clean water at that, but had parasites in it. more than anything, people need access to safe water. thank you for sharing your water with the village, so many will benefit from this generosity. =)(i wonder, though, why the local government does not provide the pipes/etc for water for its people…)

  2. Its quite normal here people walk long and carry water on their head. Much corruption in government. We try to serve in small scale with limited recources, whatever we can do.

  3. What a kind and generous gesture to do for your neighbors. 🙂 I think it makes them feel like part of the family as well.
    In the West, we have this notion that water should be accessible to all people because it is a basic human need and is our right. Yet, we charge people a few dollars for bottled water that would be similar to tap water anyway. We are lucky in the West to have clean tap water everywhere. But people shouldn’t waste plastic and money on bottled water if they don’t need to. Many parts of the world still have to make long journeys for their water so we should be very grateful.

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