All Children are equal in our School – 4 Apr 09


We have opened our school for new admissions for the next school year. So these days parents come to our school with their children so that their boys and girls can join the classes. We will have a new class next year and before the big summer holidays begin the new children can already join the ongoing classes to have an introduction to the school, the teachers and their classmates.

For us all children are same, if it is boys or girls, older or younger and from which family background. We are supporting them anyway and that is the main concept about having our own school: all children can feel equal. They do not get any inferiority complex.

When we were supporting children in other schools we sponsored 50% of the children at the school because these children came from poor families. For the other half of the children their own parents paid school fees, uniforms and books. I felt that there was this issue that a child can feel and think: ‘The parents of my seat neighbour can afford his education but I have to take money from somebody else.’ This is how we got the idea to have our own school in which all children will be same. Their whole education, their fees, books, uniforms and food will be sponsored by the Ashram. This kind of problem and question cannot arise and cannot affect any child in a psychological way.

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