A Chance for a Young Boy – 23 Nov 09


I already said that it is getting cold here now and it is really but in daytime it is still nicely warm in the sun and many people sit outside and enjoy the sunrays on their face.

We also enjoy walking in our garden and on one of these rounds Yashendu stopped to talk to the gardener and he saw someone whom he had not seen before. It was the gardener’s son Shekar. Yashendu asked for his age and heard that he was eight years old. In the further conversation he got to know that the boy has never been to school because in the different places that his father worked he just didn’t have the possibility to send the boy to any school. So Yashendu told him that the boy should come to our school tomorrow.

Now there is the possibility and now he should really take the chance and come to school. His father anyway comes in the morning so his father can bring him, he is not far away and he can learn something. He doesn’t even know the abc or counting from one to twenty.

This is a great chance and seeing the condition of this family we are all just happy that we are able to provide education to this boy. We are also grateful to those who make it possible, everyone who decided to sponsor a child or several and those who help by sponsoring the food for a day.

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  1. This is great news, beautiful friend Swami Ji … now he will also make some friends with boys his own age, and have affiliation with beautiful loving people who will make rounded his life experience. Very nice.