Why are not all Children displayed on the Webpage? – 15 Jul 09


Today when I saw the pictures that Purnendu sent from today’s ‘food for a day’, I was really amazed how many children are sitting there and eating. I knew that there are now 130 children who are going to school but when you see them all together at lunch, you can see how much this number actually is.

There are still not all of them registered on our website and Purnendu still needs to take some pictures of them. But when we asked Purnendu today if he would do that soon he told us why it was not done until now: There are many children who came for the admissions and were noted down for this school year but then they came only for a few days. After that they did not come anymore.

I have written before about this kind of problem in India and about the problems that we especially face with these families who are not really interested in education. They would like their child to get a free warm meal and clothes but they are not interested to teach the child reading and writing. And this is how some children just don’t come anymore after a while. We talk with the parents and try to convince them but some of the children do not come anymore. And then we need to take them off the website again.

This is how it is always something to do and Purnendu will wait until he can see that those children who are coming to school will also stay longer. I like to write about this because it gives a clearer picture of the situation there and how much we want to work to make a change so that in future each mother and each father wants to send all of their children to school.

See pictures of today's food for a day

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  1. Greg

    it is very sad that the families don’t see the value of education, but I can totally understand why. I assume they are too busy thinking of how to get food to realize that education is such a good investment for the children to help them get even more food in the future.

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