Food and Education for Children – Your Christmas Gift – 17 Dec 09


Christmas is nearly there and like each year many people are still looking for presents for those whom they love. Often people tell me that they don’t know what to give as everybody already seems to have everything they need and more than that. This is how I want to give you again the idea to give something this year, which will make many hearts happy.

The children of the school are now done with their half-yearly exams and we all hope that they will get good marks and next year will study in the next higher class. However we don’t have the space to accommodate one more class.

This is how we decided to build new classrooms for the next years. The rooms will be the first floor of our school and you are invited to support this project with your donation. And it will not only be a donation! Each donor will receive a voucher of the amount of the donation which can be used in any of our chakra workshops and yoga workshops, wherever we are. These vouchers can be wonderful gifts for any yoga-loving friend or spiritual family member.

Please also remember that every small donation helps! And of course we will be happy to welcome you here some day to show you how everything is progressing and how the children are learning.
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  1. Shauna Evans

    Thank you Swami. I wish my family would get this concept of not buying stuff so much. I am giving to my students family. They need prayers as they just lost their home in a fire. This was after burying their father. Oh so tragic.

  2. Christina Fleur de Lys

    great idea! It is so wonderful to see the children here happy in scool, and eating with a smile on the face!!

  3. Sarah Holton

    That is excellent.

  4. Cheryl

    Perfect. I’m recommending this to everyone I know.

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